After over 200 levels, here is what I’d like to see changed in the game:

fallout 5 - After over 200 levels, here is what I'd like to see changed in the game:

Aside from the weight issues (Stash/Item/Rifle Weights), Balance issues (Gun/PVP Damage), some Quality of Life changes I would like to see in the game.

Power Armor Chassis Renaming or showing like a container.

Perk Card Decks (With possible location based awareness – Show up at your camp, and auto switch out to Build/Craft Cards)

Legendary Scrapping (Producing materials to craft other legendaries with random perks)

Weapon Renaming

Toggle for 'do not scrap' items

Makeshift Warrior/Gunsmith Either buffed (90% slower wear) or Rank reduction to 3 Ranks (20/40/60%)

Scrapper Perk needs to add rare mats: Screws, Springs, Gears

Ballistic Fiber either needs to be more plentiful, or needed less for Armor repairs

Welcome Mats (I hate building near a beautiful cliff only to fast travel to my base and be stuck 200 ft below)

Vendors/Vending machines (Deployed in your base to sell items, would lessen the stash space for holding on to items that seem valuable) Would make exploring for other camps much more fun (Also a way to set your camp to public and have it show on the map would be nice)

Remove Cap limits & Increase Caps on vendors

Make Train stations/Red Rocket Fast Travel Cheaper/No Cost

Reduce Budget for Turrets in your camp

Fist weapons usable in Power Armor

End Game content that doesnt force Power Armor (Hazmat lets you keep armor under it or something to that effect)

Containers that can hold items outside of your stash – 'Normal containers not linked to your stash, but can store them in your camp ( and lock them) – you can keep less valuable items in there. This would help with hoarders, but also open up some interesting PVP interactions, as other players could break into your house and steal from these non-stash containers, once they survived all of your diabolical traps, of course. These can also be accessed without lockpicking by your team, to trade/transfer things.

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Real display shelves in your house for Bobbleheads, magazines, and power armor (or even weapons, a la Skyrim)

a 'Known' tag for Plans and Recipes

a way to see recently killed corpses (Real hard to find them in the mire at night once you've finished off fighting 7 different enemies)

The same as above, but for your paper bag when you die.

VATS shouldnt target friendlies if you have pacifist mode on

Gas Masks / Power Armor Chassis on your favorites wheel

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