After watching several streams of the Beta, I think I’m skipping this game.

fallout 5 - After watching several streams of the Beta, I think I'm skipping this game.

So I watched several streams of the Beta, and I noticed quite a lot of downsides of Fallout 76. I noticed a lot of people telling stories about how they were converted into liking it, so I decided to share a opposite kind of story.

The world seems incredibly empty with seldom to do, and in previous games where there would be a story or something there seems to not be such a thing here. Juicehead went all the way to the fallen space station and all he found were some space suits; and he cleared a house of super mutants and he didn't seem to find anything interesting at all. All there is in the game is looting items and building your base. Watched a few more people doing quests and I noticed how they all seem to be worse than Fallout 4's, where all you do is shoot some enemies and then loot the corpses. It's extremely tedious and boring and I have a feeling after a few days of doing that over and over again I wouldn't feel like playing this game again.

Now I'll get onto the part where people said they changed their minds, the player interaction. A lot of people have said that their minds were changed because of how fun it was to play with others. That's just really dumb, because what game isn't fun when playing with other players? F.E.A.R. 3 was reportedly "more fun" when playing with someone else, and that game was still really bad. Everything is more fun when playing with another person so who cares if that's what people are getting out of Fallout 76? The real question is this. Could you have more fun playing with other players in others games? If the answer is probably yes, then that means this games doesn't have much going for it. Plus, I don't really care for playing with others in my games unless it's a competitive scene. There's nothing competitive about Fallout 76.


I'm noticing that most people who are enjoying this game are people who usually give Bethesda a pass on everything, including most of Fallout 4. I can already tell I'm going to hear people saying "Not true of me!" Okay, but you're probably in the minority. I bet most people who are enjoying 76 are people who enjoyed Fallout 4. So with all those reasons given, I'm going to be skipping this game.

Edit: Forgot to mention the multitude of enemy bugs and glitches I saw. Scorch T-posing everywhere and stopping mid animation as they glided around. I saw several enemies just standing still staring at the wall while players shot them. I saw that horrible draw distance and terrible load time with textures. Sorry, but this is one of the worse performing Beta builds I've ever seen in a game.


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