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I really do like telling my experiences in the wasteland, like this one for example, out in the wasteland I stumbled across the Grafton Steel Yard. With me was nothing but little old me wearing light reinforced combat armor, a combat rifle, and my usual sniper get up. Now originally I was just doing a quest to get some experience, but when I came across Grafton Steel Yard and seeing the few reinforcements the workshop had I figured why not, could use the extra XP and get lucky in whatever workshop plan I don't have. So I went in and killed about around six or so Super Mutants that were there.

With the workshop claimed, I then decided to go and gather whatever material I could at the time while I was there, building up the machines to get me some lead and oil for my ammo crafting and other crafts. But then I heard something in the distance, it was one of Shrek's nephews coming in from behind. Now for me Super Mutants are not a big deal, so long as I keep my distance from the melee fighters and take out the ranged fighters first. Strange enough this wasn't a defend your workshop event so the original enemies must have respawned at some point. But what came out from that building, it really tested my skill.

Out from the building came a swarm of Super Mutants, all of them at a much more higher level than me wielding sledgehammers, laser rifles and auto-pipe rifles. If I could guess the number of Super Mutants were at me at the time, I would go as far as to the thirties. I took out my rifle and begin firing, but while all the ranged fighters were all clustered together, I couldn't get a good shot in with all the melee fighters swarming and knocking me around. I was in a gangbang of Super Mutants taking me on all sides as I tried desperately to fight back. Sort of wished I had a grenade or a rocket launcher with me at the time.

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But with constant consumption of stimpaks I managed to squeeze through and make an opening to fire at the cluster of Super Mutants that were shooting back at me. I managed to take some down, about eleven at least, until out of nowhere even more Super Mutants came in, doubling the amount of Super Mutants that were there! People might say I have a death wish or something, but by Atom I wasn't going to let my scrawny ass get handed by some jolly green giant as*hole with down syndrome!

I continue to kill them all, using every bullet I had for my combat rifle, picking up their laser rifles and ammo, I even resorted into using chems and my emergency melee spear to fight them off as they kept coming, and as an added bonus two fu*king Mirelurk Kings joined the party. I lost count on the amount of Super Mutants I fought that day, but at the end of that day I felt like King Leonidas after slaying the Persian Army. In the end I won, with little health I had left to spare and only a small handful of stimpaks left, I relished the moment that I had when no more Super Mutants had spawned.

In my victory, I took whatever scrap I could gather up from the machines and the remains of the Super Mutant army, had to even craft a workbench to scrap all the weapons they had and I was still overweight. Still, the day is won and as much as the game wanted me dead, I showed this game my favorite finger and told em to suck it. Looking back, I sometimes ask my self was it worth it? Was it worth staying there and risking my own life for bits of scrap where I could just instead run away and find somewhere safer and without exhausting my own resources? With the amount of XP I gained from there that day, fu*k yeah it was worth it.

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