Agent Green (a proposed horticultural quest-line)

fallout 5 - Agent Green (a proposed horticultural quest-line)

Agent Green

(A horticultural quest-line involving every faction)

Synopsis: This framework is intended for end-game players who’ve completed all the applicable quests per each faction, though, as envisioned, only a completed Mistress of Mystery quest-line is required to begin as the Cryptos Mainframe will be the primary nexus for quest progression.

There are multiple in-game plants which we’re unable to grow; the Agent Green quest-line will, with some determination, allow you to grow all these “wild plants” at your camp. Wild plants are broken up into the following three categories….

Uncommon Plants: – Melon Blossom – Gourd Blossom – Slit Bean – Pumpkin – Soot Flower – Rhododendron – Carrot Flower – Aster – Cranberry – Snaptail Reed – Brain Fungus – Glowing Fungus

Rare Plants – Bloodleaf – Irradiated Thistle – Ash Rose – Diseased Cranberry – Firecracker Berry – Starlight Berry – Toxic Soot Flower – Mutated Fern Flower – Glowing Resin – Ginseng – Firecap – Blight

Legendary Plants – Ash Blossom – Bleached Dogwood – Lure Weed – Tarberry – Fever Blossom – Corpse Flower – Strangler Vine – Kaleidoscope Flower – Giant Pitcher Plant – Giant Sundew – Megasloth Mushroom – Gut Shroom

The quest-line will have a total of three sections:

1. Gain the trust of each Master Horticulturalist:

Every “faction” (Blood Eagles, Brotherhood of Steel, Blue Ridge Caravan Company, Enclave, Fire Breathers, Free States, Mole Miners, Mothman Cultists, Mutants , Raiders, Responders, Settlers…12 total if you’re counting) will have an NPC “plant guru” you’ll need to impress by whatever means they require; all will require supplementing their stock of various gathered plants, as well as specific ingame/crafted/looted items that are relevant to each faction—Caps for the Blood Eagles, Explosives for Raiders, Meat for Graham, etc etc…think of it like the fetch-it quests for primary companions such as Sofia or Beckett.

Gaining the trust of each Master Horticulturist will allow you to receive and learn the uncommon recipes for growing “Substrates” (dirt in a planter specific to each plant) and fertilizer, also plant specific.

2. Hunt and Gather (and plant):

Each Master Horticulturalist will have three substrate and fertilizer recipes in a progression…when you successfully rear an uncommon plant the Master will reward you with the Rare substrate/fertilizer recipes, then the Legendary.

To rear a plant you’ll need viable seeds (or spores in the case of the mushrooms) which can only be found in plants which have “gone to seed” which are found exclusively through random encounters, and can only be gathered once the corresponding substrate recipe has been learned. Successfully rearing an uncommon plant, in addition to the appropriate substrate and seeds (or spores) will require you to “tend” your potential seedlings with the application of fertilizer and water once per ingame day after you’ve planted. You’ll know you’re successful if your empty planter has a plant in it!

Uncommon plants take one ingame day to germinate (one application of water and fertilizer) at 20% chance of success, Rare plants one ingame week (seven applications) at 10% chance) and Legendary one ingame month (30 applications) at 2% chance…there will be a quest announcement on a timer reminding you to tend your seedlings, with each missed application of fertilizer and water your % chance of success will decrease. Once a seedling is successfully established you can “plant it” in the ground (or in/near water where appropriate) whereby it will no longer need constant tending and will grow like any other food in your garden…be careful where you plant the Strangler Vine, as it might take over and damage nearby structures!


3. The Path of the Wasteland Yeoman:

As a reward for completing a selection of uncommon, rare, and Legendary plants you’ll unlock one of three possible camp items….

  • Apiary: for successfully cultivating 12/14 of the flowering plants (I’m counting the strangler vine as flowering) you can place an apiary at your camp which will to provide you with honey, honeycomb and royal jelly in amounts relative to how many flowering plants you have in your garden. A Bee Swarm will also meander around and attempt to fend off hostiles—there is a random chance the queen bee might emerge and give you a royal sting when you gather from the Apiary which provides a buff of +10% XP/+10% Acid Resistance for three hours.

  • Giant Foxfire Mushroom: for successfully cultivating every type of fungus/diseased plant/active plant (Irradiated Thistle and Firecracker Berry) you can place one Giant Foxfire at your camp (foxfires are the glowing orange mushrooms scattered around the Mire) from which you can gather an edible portion once per day, which grants the Foxfire Daze buff for three hours: -10% incoming Dmg/+10% Disease Res/Slain Enemy Corpses will glow Orange.

  • Hydro-Feature: for successfully cultivating every Water and Bog plant you can place a Hydro-Feature at your camp; basically a small pond with edges that can interlock with adjacent Hydro-Features (put them in a row you have a stream, build out a square you have a mini lake). In addition to providing an easily accessible source of dirty water, if you plant your cultivated water or bog oriented seedlings in or near the Hydro-Feature they will spread out and eventually propagate an additional plant per seedling. There is a random chance for a Black Blood-leaf plant to bloom in any unoccupied growing area of the Hydro-Feature, the eating of which will grant the Black Lotus Buzz buff for three hours: Immunity to Cold/Fire/Limb Dmg. Fireflies and frogs will naturally congregate near your Hydro-Feature.


You’ll progress each successful cultivation and ultimately be rewarded the three Path of the Yeomen camp items by the Cryptos Mainframe…plenty of fun could be had here with little story nuggets of why the Order of Mysteries wants you to infiltrate/double agent with each “Faction”.

Ideally each plant specific dirt (substrate) will involve a lot of the little odds and ends that don’t currently have a function, especially for the Legendary Substrate recipes (Neurotoxic Dust required for the Strangler Vine Substrate recipe, for example).

I specifically included Graham so that there would be at least one incredibly difficult Master Horticultural Guru to progress with.

I’ve only added one plant (not including the Ash-Blossom which was for a short time in vault 94, although if you gathered from it it would give you a Melon Blossom) to the list that doesn’t currently have something you can gather or harvest—that being the giant sundew…in my mind Giant Sundew Pollen would be added to the game as a “gatherable” and a lot of the Legendary Plants listed above would have their flora added to new ingame recipes for Chems that we can’t currently craft: Calmex, Psycotats etc.

Things like the lure weed and mega sloth mushroom might have fun/grotesque “planters” such as severed heads and the like….

Hopefully y’all enjoy my little bit of fan-fiction/proposed new quest-line!


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