All I Want For Christmas Is More Camp Budget

fallout 7 - All I Want For Christmas Is More Camp Budget

Pleeeease Bethesda! I've been capped on my main for awhile and it doesn't seem like the budget is increasing with levels at all (I'm not sure why a bunch of people have made this claim– I've been checking since level 20 and am now level 37 and haven't noticed a single increase).

I want to build more so badly, it's such a great motivator to farm stuff and search for new plans. But what's the point when I'm capped so early? I could make an alt, sure, and their place would be capped too in a matter of hours. xD

Please increase the budget for item placement in camps ASAP! Even if you implemented something like +10 per level, so it takes some time and effort, that would be fantastic. Once the camp budget is comfortable I will happily make alts to try new ideas and this game will have a LOT more longevity.


EDIT: At this point it seems that most people have confirmed the budget doesn't increase with levels, but rather that the cost of creating new camp items lessens over time. So the suggested course of action if you want to build more is to level up a good 5-10 levels, then destroy all of your camp stuff (including in storage) and start over.

It sounds painful and convoluted, so Bethesda, please find a way to change the system so we can see very clearly how much budget we have and how much it is increasing by. But for now it sounds like we can at least build more if we're willing to sacrifice a bit.

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