All the “new” Costumes as of Patch 14

fallout 76 discussion and inform - All the "new" Costumes as of Patch 14

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Here is a list of all the new costumes:

( HINT: use cntrl F if you are a PC user )

I also put it on a google doc:
edit?usp=sharing - All the "new" Costumes as of Patch 14


First the "special costumes"

Garb of Mysteries

Eye of Ra

Tattered Dress

Veil of Secrets

Soiled Mr. Fuzzy Mascot Suit

Mr. Fuzzy Mascot Suit ( cannot get in game right now )

Soiled Mr. Fuzzy Mascot Head

Mr. Fuzzy Mascot Head ( cannot get in game right now )

Pioneer Scout Possum Shorts

Pioneer Scout Possum Uniform

Pioneer Scout Possum Uniform

Pioneer Scout Squirrel Shorts

Pioneer Scout Squirrel Skirt

Pioneer Scout Tadpole Shorts

Pioneer Scout Tadpole Skirt

Pioneer Scout Tadpole Uniform

Pioneer Scout Hat: Possum

Pioneer Scout Hat: Squirrel

Pioneer Scout Hat: Tadpole

Now the non-Atomic Shop "clothing"

Glowing Skeleton Costume

Glowing Skeleton Hood

Arktos Lab Coat

Asylum Worker Uniform Blue

Asylum Worker Uniform Brown

Asylum Worker Uniform Forest

Asylum Worker Uniform Green

Asylum Worker Uniform Pink

Asylum Worker Uniform Red

Asylum Worker Uniform Weathered

Asylum Worker Uniform White

Asylum Worker Uniform White Dirty

Asylum Worker Uniform Yellow

Bloody Chef Outfit

Civil War Era Dress

Civil War Era Suit

Confederate Uniform

Union Uniform

Clown Outfit

Police Uniform

Fisherman's Outfit

Fisherman's Overalls

Brown Fisherman's Overalls

Grey Fisherman's Overalls

Fireman Uniform

Golf Outfit

Golf Skirt

Pirate Costume

Halloween Costume Witch

Halloween Costume Skeleton

Whitespring Jumpsuit

Tattered Mole Outfit

Jack O'Lantern Pant Suit

Pastor's Vestments

Ranger Outfit

Ranger Outfit Clean

Responder Police Uniform

Imposter Sheepsquatch Outfit

Sheepsquatch Mascot Outfit

Jack O'Lantern Short Suit


Clean Spacesuit


Atomic Shop "Clothing"

Conspiracy Suit Underarmor

Daredevil Suit

Worn American Patriot Suit

American Patriot Suit

Cait's Outfit

Captain Cosmos

Grillmaster's Outfit

Festive Elf Outfit

Clean Clown Outfit

Communist Militant Outfit

Communist Spy Outfit

Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Outfit

Cryptid Enthusiast Outfit

Medical Scrubs

Black Fisherman's Overalls

Green Fisherman's Overalls

Fishing Outfit

Patterned Fringed Dress

Free States Revolutionary

Gladiator Outfit

Halloween Costume Vampire

Hunter Safety Vest Orange Outfit

Hunter Safety Vest Red Outfit

Mechanist's Outfit

Pristine Moe the Mole Outfit

Mountaineer Suit

Mr. Claus' Suit

Mrs Claus' Dress

Nuka-Girl Helmet

Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit

Pint-Sized Slasher Costume

Piper's Trench Coat

Poodle Skirt and Blouse

Postman Uniform

Prison Uniform

Raider Waster Outfit


Samurai Outfit

Baaaad News Billy Suit

Starlet Sniper Outfit

Country Girl Outfit

Conspiracy Oufit

Grognak Costume

Manta Man Costume

Silver Shroud Costume

The Inspector Costume

Vault-Tec Lab Coat

Cowhide Western Outfit

Wildman Rags

WV Day Bear Suit

Non-Atomic Shop "head wear"

Asylum Worker Hat White

Asylum Worker Hat Green

Asylum Worker Hat Red

Asylum Worker Hat Yellow

Asylum Worker Hat Forrest

Asylum Worker Hat Brown

Asylum Worker Hat Blue

Asylum Worker Hat Pink

Asylum Worker Hat White Dirty

Asylum Worker Hat Weathered

Monster Mask

Chef Hat

Civil War Era Top Hat

Confederate Hat

Union Hat

Clown Hat

Cop Cap

Fisherman's Hat

Wool Fisherman's Cap

Old Fisherman's Hat

Fasnacht Soldier Mask

Fasnacht Man Mask

Fasnacht Toothy Man Mask

Fasnacht Witch Mask

Fasnacht Jester Mask

Fasnacht Skull Mask

Fasnacht Giant Mask

Fasnacht Owl Mask

Fasnacht Goblin Mask

Fasnacht Sun Mask

Fasnacht Winter Man Mask

Fireman Helmet

Pirate Costume Hat

Halloween Costume Witch Hat

Halloween Costume Skull

Bloody Chef Hat

Grillmaster's Hat

Tattered Mole Head

Ranger Hat

Ranger Hat Clean

Cop Cap

Imposter Sheepsquatch Helmet

Sheepsquatch Mascot Head

Spacesuit Helmet

Clean Spacesuit Helmet

Tin Foil Hat

Atomic Shop "head-wear"

Worn American Patriot Hat

American Patriot Hat

Bone Antler Headband

Felt Antler Headband

Captain Cosmos Helmet

Festive Elf Hat

Lobster Trap Helmet

Clean Clown Hat

Communist Militant Hat

Communist Spy Ski Hat

Country Girl Hat

Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Hat

Cryptid Enthusiast Hat

Daredevil Helmet

Devil Vault Girl Head

Medical Smile Mask

Medical Scrubs Cap

Easter Bunny Mascot

Fasnacht Moonshine Mama Mask

Fasnacht Old Man Summer Mask

Fly-Fishing Hat

Flapper Headwrap

Fruit Hat

Raider Skull Gas Mask

Armored Raider Skull Gas Mask

Rusty Raider Skull Gas Mask

White Raider Skull Gas Mask

Gladiator Helmet

Hunter Safety Orange Hat

Hunter Safety Beige Hat

Vault Girl Martian Head

Mechanist's Helmet

Pristine Moe the Mole Head


Alien Mothman Mask

Metal Mothman Mask

Mr. Claus' Hat

Mrs. Claus' Bonnet

Pint-Sized Slasher Mask

Piper's Press Cap

Pirate Hat

Plague Doctor Mask

Hip Glasses

Postman Hat

Pumpkin Vault Girl Head

Rad Opossum Hat

Samurai Helmet

Mr. Claus' Beard

Scientist's Goggles

Baaaad News Billy Head

Skull Mask

Starlet Sniper Hat

Conspiracy Hat

Silver Shroud's Fedora

The Inspector's Top Hat

Vault Boy Raider Head

Patriotic Vault Boy Mask

Vault Boy Mascot Head

Vault Girl Raider Head

Vault Girl Mascot Head

Vault Girl Scribble Head

WV Day Bear Mascot Head

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