All weapons perks have an expert/master version

fallout 2 - All weapons perks have an expert/master version

Hi guys,

You may know me from my regularly updated perk cards list. Today I was adding a lot of content to my list that comes from a photo you can find on the Amazon page of the Official Collector's Edition Guide for the game. Doing so, I realized that it featured perks like Commando AND Expert Commando, or even Master Guerrilla that we hadn't heard of before. This lead me to an obvious conclusion : ALL weapon-damage perk cards have an Expert and a Master version, the same way it works for Picklock and Hacker Perks.

You might be wondering why this is the case and I'm gonna try to explain it clearly here. Let's take the Guerrilla perk as an example. Fairly early in the game you will be able to pick the Guerrilla perk that increases the damages of automatic pistols by 10% at rank 1, 15% at rank 2 and 20% at rank 3. But later in the game you might get Expert Guerrilla or Master Guerrilla. What's the difference between these and the normal one ? The name, nothing more. These 2 new perks have exactly the same number of ranks and effect than the basic Guerrilla perk, but you can equip ALL 3 at the same time !


So, early in the game you might upgrade your Guerrilla perk so that it gives you +20% damage at the "cost" of 3 Agility points. But in the late game, you will have the choice (provided you have the cards) to go for Guerrilla, Expert Guerrilla AND Master Guerrilla, each rank 1, for a total of +30% (3×10%) damage for the same cost ! Finally, you will also be able to get rank 3 of each of these perks in order to get +60% (3×20%) damage at the cost of 9 total Agility points, which is pretty expensive.

I hope my explanation is clear and I think this system totally makes sense as far as progression goes.

I hope this wasn't discovered and posted before. Comment and tell me how you feel about it !


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