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fallout 6 - [Alpha]Fallout Market - Crap for Caps


We have been working since a few weeks already on a sales and advertising website dedicated to Fallout 76 which is intended to be open to all languages and gaming platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox). It aims to facilitate exchanges between players and boosting the trade too little present within the game.

A registration on the site is mandatory to access all features and you will be asked to fill your gamertag (for moderation purposes).

Two options are available for selling your items on the website:

  • -By creating an ad: it allows you to accurately describe what you are selling (or what you want) and by possibly attaching an picture. All ads require a manual validation.
  • -By creating a sale: this advanced functionality will search the name of the object in the selected category via its ID, retrieved from the game files. This will allow the website to translate the sale in all languages available on Fallout Shop (around 1200 referenced in French and English currently). You will then select the number of items you want to sell and the price. An option will allow you to divide your sales in batches.

All exchanges, once the transaction has been validated, will subsequently be sent by e-mail between the users, who can then contact each other directly if they wish.

We plan to add a search engine for the site soon, based on the type of sale and category for the ads, and via the name of the objects for the sales room. You will also have the possibility to consult via this search engine ads / sales in languages different from yours.

A scoring system when sales are completed is also in consideration. The purpose is to allow the players to rate the seller / buyer and thus help us to moderate the site automatically.

Finally, the profiles are being created, and will allow us to directly view all the ads / sales of the user, as well as its reputation.

Read:  I’m going to table the discussion of whether or not 76 is a good game until after the 6-12 month mark.

If you want Fallout Market to be translated into other languages or to help us develop the site, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are also open to any criticism, demand for improvement, etc …

Link to Fallout Market : https://fallout-market.com/

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