Alright, here’s a list of every Protectron Marcher in the Fasnacht Parade

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Alright, here's a list of every Protectron Marcher in the Fasnacht Parade

Everytime you replay the Fasnacht parade, it gets changed a bit differently so that some Protectrons (and subsequently their tasks) are differrent. Here's a list of all of them

  • Decorating Protectron

To my knowledge, this one will always be present. It's task is pretty simple: just decorate the building it's in with the 4 boxes of decorations scattered around the place. One thing I really like is how you can choose what decorations you want to put for each sub decoration (which are floor decor, ribbons, effigy and wall decor)

  • Butcher Pete Protectron

This guy can be found in the big red building to the right of the entrance in it's own little butcher shop corner. It's task is donating 12 Intestines from small animals which spawn all ovef Helvetia (Squirrels, Rabbits, Opposums)

  • Woodsman Protectron

This one can be found in front of the church. It's task is donating 50 scraps of wood. Sounds tedious? Well there's an easy solution to this. Go to the back of the building where the Butcher is located. You'll find a shack full of wood piles that'll easily give you the 50 scraps needed for it

  • Candlemaker Protectron

This guy can be found adjacent to the Decorating Protectron's building. It's task is donating 12 Beeswax, which you can go get from The Honey Haus. Be warned: once you loot Beeswax from the beehive, a bee swarm will spawn

  • The Bee Movie Keeper Protectron

Also found at the Honey Haus is the Beekeeper. He wants you to go kill 3 Honeybeasts that have invaded The Honey Haus. They seemingly spawn relatively close but at random intervals, sometimes taking a full minute for another beast to appear

  • Baker Protectron

This guy can be found in the very first building when entering Helvetia (it's also where the Radtoads spawn during the parade). It's task is similar to the Butcher's only, only you donate 30 Eggs. How you acquire these Eggs I have no idea but I'm guessing it's easy seeing as people get it done in a few seconds. 20 Eggs, which you can get from chickens, alongside the river or from killing Radtoads (so killing the Radtoads during the parade and looting the eggs can easily speed this part up when you replay it)

  • Joyous Musician Protectron

This guy can be found adjacent of the Baker's building on the Stage and has probably the most easiest task out of all the Protectrons: just sit down and play any of the instruments on the stage until the bar fills up completely. The more people playing instuments, the faster it'll fill up.

  • Historian Protectron

Probably the least common Protectron to spawn, this one can be found in a little shack to the right of the Church. It's task is bringing 12 Porcelain Steins scattered around Helvetia to the bot. One Stein is located right next to the Protectron so you know what you're looking for.

And that's all of them! Seriously, if anybody knows more about the Baker's quest, please let me know so I can edit it. It almost always gets done before I find out what to do beyond "Donate Eggs" Now edited.

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