Alternate main quest idea.

fallout 5 - Alternate main quest idea.

The main character is NOT the Sole Survivor. He is just a random newcomer to the Commonwealth.

RR: At level 20, if you are a member of the RR, then Deacon gives you a quest to kill Kellog. Once the deed is done, then you can make the brain adventure, and meet Virgil. Then you gain 2 path.

  1. Infiltration: build the teleporter, and try to joing the Institute. Must pass hard speech check to join, and medium to survive. They would take away your weapons, and armor for the meeting. Refusal means hostility, and you must fight your way out.
  2. Destruction: you must build an army to conquer, or destroy the Institute. You could use the BoS, the Minutemen, the Nuka-World ganks, or the Gunners. Last one would require a big pile of money.

BoS: At level 20, if you are member of the BoS, then the the Prydwen arrives, and once you go there you gain the mission of locating the Institute after Maxxon's speech. First step is to gather suspected synths for potential data. The girl from the Covenant, the mayor of Diamond city, the girl from the gunners, Nick Valentine, Roger Warwick, and 2 potential new. One is the guy who normally get auto killed in Goodneighbour. After Hancock speech you can make a deal to imprison synths instead, and later you can gather that synth for some caps.

You must gather 3 of them. For the Mayor you would need a high charisma check bluff to make it count. Basically you would convince him, that you figured out how to detect synths, and you know, that he is a synth. If you fail, then you get no choice, but let him go in the end. If you capture Nick, then he will provide no information. Hard charisma check can let him go, but in that case he doesn't count. Or you can let the BoS dissect him, and gather some information hidden in his memory.

During one of the capture Kellog will try to stop you. You have to kill him. No brain adventure this time. The gathered synths will provide the knowledge about the existence of the teleportation. With this information the BoS figures out potential location based on the signals they can get in the Commonwealth. You must check out these locations.

Once the location found you proceed with rebuilding Liberty Prime, then crush the Institute, or Conquer it. Should you conquer the Institute Blind Betrayal would start. As the Institute would reveal all known synths for elimination. Including Danse.

Minutemen: Once enough settlements reclaimed you get contacted by the Institute. The deal is simple. You let them gather the runaway synths without blodshed from your settlements, and they help you in your efforts. Accepting it will make you friend of the Institute. Later the RR starts attacking you, and Kellog comes with an offer to deal with them. Forever. From that point you get similar to the Institute side.

Refusing the Institute offer will make an RR agent contact you, and start the RR side, if not destroyed yet. If RR destroyed, and offer refused, then you can go with BoS, or take matters to your own hands.

In case of the latter: First step is to search the RR base for information. It will reveal the existence of the teleportation, and the radio signals used to control it. Then you must build a special device in certain settlements to triangle the source. Then you must build up an army, and a bunch of artillery. You use the artillery to punch a hole for your attack, and destroy, or conquer the Institute.


The Institute: At level 20, Kellog will come to you with a job offer to test your skills. Random big enemy killing, but not faction related. If you ally of the Institute as Minutemen, then this part will be skipped. Once your skill is proven he offers another job about destroying the RR. He explains, that the RR base has 2 entrace, and he can't attack both at the same time. Your job is leading the front assault while he and his synths are covering the rear exit. If both Kellog, and Deacon are available, then they come in random order.

Once the RR is dead Kellog introduce you to the Institute. Your weapons, and armor will not be taken this time as you are considered a guest. Kellog explains, that he is ready to retire, and leave them behind, but his final task is to find a replacement. That replacement. Is you. Kellog becomes an available, and a temporal enforced companion. The rest of the questline is same as vanilla Institute minus the directorial meeting, and anything connected to that. You will be their primary surface agent, and not their director in the end.

Extra route: once you located the Institute you can go to the BoS with the information, and skip their part of the information gathering.

Conquering the Institute: once you reach the reactor room an Institute scientist would offer a surrender under the condition of not destroying everything. Preston would need no convincing. You are the boss after all. Maxxon would need low charisma check. He would concerned about being able to controlling the Institute, but agrees, that the technology they possess is just too valuable to destroy. Desdemona would need high check. She is concerned about trusting the Institute, and not sure, if they can keep them under control. Depending on which faction you choose. Certain quests would start, or change.

As director: This version would ONLY available, if you do the Minutemen ending. You become the ruler of the Institute. Giving you House Divided quest, and a new quest about making permanent decisions.

  1. The fate of gen3 synths. Keep them enslaved, grant freedom, or destroy them. Basically you would choose the outcome of the other 3 faction's ending. Keeping them enslaved would make you enemy of the RR, and the BoS. Freedom would make you friend of the RR, but enemy of the BoS. Destroying them would start extra quest for the BoS, and enemy of the RR.
  2. Dealing the BoS. If you destroy the synths, then you can make a deal with the BoS to become ally with them. You let some scribes into the Institute. Researching, and keep thing checked, and in return the BoS will help cleaning the Commonwealth. If you became enemy of the BoS, then you start the quest for destroying them by hacking Liberty Prime.
  3. Dealing the RR. If you freed the synths, then you can tell it to Desdemona, and make connections with the Minutemen, and the RR. All synths will be offered the choice of leaving, and try their luck working for the Minutemen. The RR would keep under check, that they truly left alone.

So how you like it? Would you buy it, if it were done as an official DLC? Or would you download it, if it were some huge mod? If you got any question, or see any mistake, then feel free to point it out.

EDIT: RR would provide the location of the Institute. Should you fail the infiltration you could convince the Nuka-World gangs if you conquered enough with them, or the Gunners, if you got a lot of money to help defeating the Institute. The Gunners would setup a sepcial device to drill into the Institute. Literary. The Nuka Gangs would get the nukes you normally get to Liberty Prime, and then setup a special artillery, that shoots those to punch a hole.

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