Amateur Guide of Vault 94

fallout 6 - Amateur Guide of Vault 94

Part 1: Beginning

Once you enter the vault itself, the leader must start the mission while also choosing a difficulty. Head down the door that opens up to the left and make your way into a large flooded room. You will come across high level feral ghouls on the way. In the large room, you want to go into the pool of water to initiate the mirelurk queen fight and finish them off and the spawned enemies as fast as you can. In the room, you must repair pipes to fill the bar. There is more than enough broken pipes to repair so keep running around until you find them.

Part 2: Keys

Upon reaching the next area by climbing up the stairs from the previous room, you are tasked with not only repairing pipes in the room but trying to make your way into the next area by looking for keys. In my run, I found the workroom 94 key and used it to open the Workroom area which had another key that opens the council room. From the council room, we found a key for the nursery. Once we opened the nursery, we found the maintenance engineering card. Once you get the card, head upstairs towards the maintenance room. Follow the path and you will end up in a room with a square hole. Drop down onto that hole and make your way through towards the Maintenace engineer door. You must hack into the terminal and print the vault pump codes out which will be used in part 4. Follow your quest markers and you will be led to a resting room where you will be awarded TWO bulk supplies. Contains: 20 lead, 30 steel, 10 aluminum, 10 nuclear material, 10 crystals, and more. In this room are also workbenches to scrap looted items and repair equipment. Head towards the reactor room.

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Part 3: Reactor room

Upon entering the next area, you will find yourself in a large room with two giant reactors in the middle. You will be asked to restart the generators by activating a computer and to repair the pipes in the room. DO NOT start the restart process. First, explore the area. There are 3 items to look for: reactor key cards (shiny and blue; need 1+?), reactor catalysts (purple cannisters; need 2+?), interlock keys (large green handles; need 4), and mainframe cores (need 5?). I'm not sure if all the tasks will be the same but make sure you have these items just in case.


Part 3a

This is my run. Start the restart process. On the other side of the computer you just activated is another computer. Go to it. Look at the computer and from the left should be a printer. The first part of the process to restart is entering codes into the reactors. These will 5 numbered codes.

Part 3b

Once the codes are entered, there will be an announcement asking you to flip breakers. On each side of the room behind the computers, there's a total of 24 each numbering from 1-48. The numbers the announcer calls out must be flipped UP while everything else must be flipped DOWN. If you forget the numbers, the computer next to the printer will allow you to review them again by choosing the second option.

Part 3c

Once I finished the breakers, I was prompted to insert the interlocking keys. Easy peasy.

Part 3d

Mainframe cores broke down. Just clicking on them automatically replaces the core unlike the silos.

Part 4: Greenhouse Water Pumps

You will be making your way towards a small tunnel. There are some pipes to repair in this room as well. At the end you will go through a small crack, into the greenhouse room. Repair all the pipes. Refer to the Vault 94 Pump Codes in the notes section and enter the code to the corresponding room. There are 4 rooms you must go through all on the 2nd floor.

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Part 5: Boss

"Don't use melee on it" /u/grim-reefer123 says too late, as Trance was already smacking it and regretting his actions. Its spit attack radiated me and killed me. I think it might have been 57 rads a second? My resistance is at 100+. Use range attacks and protect the range user from spawning enemies.

Highly Recommended perk(s): Aquaboy/Aquagirl, rad sponge if ghouls are hitting way too often, hacker 2+

Items Needed: regular stims and radaways

Enemies: Level 40-95. Exp gain is minuscule just like the silos.

Expected time to finish: 15-40 minutes

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