Ammo converter shows that none of the players are complaining about the real problems with this game

fallout 8 - Ammo converter shows that none of the players are complaining about the real problems with this game

Firstly, I agree: the ammo converter sucks. I think everyone agrees, but this is only a symptom of a much larger problem:

We have been duped in to yet another time-gated money-grab in an early-access, unfinished, full-price, 2 year-old game that employs every predatory mobile game monetization tactic imaginable that is only a few days away from essentially going free-to-start on multiple platforms.

They’ve stripped the already meager in-game atoms away from us and they actually think that having us check some boxes off a list is the same as actual content. They’ve sold a lot of us on a year-long subscription that was supposed to expand and evolve, and now that it’s obvious that isn’t happening, it’s too late to get any sort of refund for it.

The season board and subscription service took a ton of time and planning to implement, time that could’ve been spent providing an actual $60 experience to the suckers like me who preordered it (we were promised they would do right by us).

Instead, we have many of the same bugs since launch. We lack the features we’ve been requesting since launch, and every update along the way has created more problems than it has solved. Every update is one step forward (public teams) and two steps back (oh you broke perks and consumable effects again!? Do tell me more). Promises get delayed in to obscurity yet the monetization never stops, it just degrades in quality (broken camp items and weapon skins).


Atom items are ridiculously priced ($18 for power armor skins that take up 60% of the 1st person screen) and any feasible way of grinding out the occasional premium cosmetic or completing challenges to basically earn a discount are now gone. It’s clear they’re running out of ideas for premium cosmetics- how sustainable can this business model be? “Sure, let me whip out my credit card to turn my camp into a donut shop.” Said no one ever.

The biggest joke at this point is the PTS. You have these people doing hours of mundane, repetitive troubleshooting and spin the narrative to make them think they should be grateful to be volunteering for paid QA work (you don’t even give them a month of 1st for each month they participate!?) Where is all this money you’re saving from these volunteers, and making off subscriptions and micro transactions going? Why are we surprised that people doing paid work for free aren’t producing the quality of paid workers?

I know a lot of you have joined at various points of this games history, but as someone who’s tried to trudge through the good and bad patches largely because of friends and seeing the true potential here, Bethesda is delivering disappointment after disappointment. We all started suspecting they would be going in the wrong direction around the time the repair kits and collectrons came out, and we were all told we were wrong and downvoted, just as I’m sure this post will be.

Edit: to whoever is going through genuine comments and downvoting them all, how do those Bethesda boots taste?

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