Ammo Converter Suggestion: Just Drop the Converter & Let Us Scrap Ammo

fallout 2 - Ammo Converter Suggestion: Just Drop the Converter & Let Us Scrap Ammo

When hopping on here this morning I was greeted to yet another highly-upvoted post about the CAMP accessory everyone loves to hate, the Ammo Converter. Most of these posts call for the Ammo Converter to adopt something closer to a standard vendor interface for exchanging ammo. I agree this would be a big, big improvement.

However, I think it would make more sense to just let us scrap ammo for its components (and was surprised it hasn't been possible from the start given that one can't sell ammo to vendors).

Obviously the ammo converter reduces yield, and scrapping most things already does as well (one certainly doesn't get the same components from scrapping a gun which were used to craft it).

The easiest implementation would be for ammo to be scrapped based on lots of 3x – 5x the production of the standard crafting recipe in exchange for the components of that crafting recipe. So for example, the base recipe for 5.56 is 20 rounds for 4 gunpowder, 6 lead & 12 steel. My suggestion is that (e.g.) scrapping 80 (4x base recipe) 5.56 rounds would return this quantity of scrap, which could of course then be used to make other ammo.

Upsides of this approach: a little more realism (I don't care how many .38 rounds you have, but you are not going to craft a nuclear bomb with them) and also do away with yet another cap (the 100k stored points on the ammo converter).


Downsides: the requirement for scrapping a multiple of items still means that from a weight management standpoint, one probably still wants to avoid collecting mini-nukes and missiles. It also means that ballistic and energy ammo will not be fully interchangeable, since the component mix is different. I think this latter point is fairly minor, the former is what it is. Given the well-rehearsed discussions of the relative uselessness of the Fat Man and Missile Launcher in the game, I'd be fine with just eliminating them and their ammo from the game.

I would guess fusion cores and ultracite ammo would be excluded here as well, even though it would be great to be able to scrap 4x near empty fusion cores for the flux to craft a fresh new one. I've always thought there should be a Fusion Core combiner in which one could take two 50/100 fusion cores and produce a single 100/100 core.

Just my two cents.

Edit: As a commenter pointed out, for users not on Fallout 1st, the additional scrap would take up space in the stash. This is a fair point. On the other hand, the scrap could be otherwise used for anything, including bulking it for caps.

Edit 2: additional, if minor, benefit which occurs to me: a bit more XP to be gained from crafting the ammo rather than simply redeeming ammo points.

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