An ammo calculation for duplication

fallout 2 - An ammo calculation for duplication

So there's a picture that's been doing the rounds, in some groups as an example of "wah, I got banned falsely. Bethesda are hitting the hardcore players too, that have no involvement with duping.

Here's the picture, without player names etc.


What are folks thoughts on this. People are saying it's hardcore players being affected by Bethesda's ban too – see picture as the example.

I.E the statement is that this player, wasn't involved in duping or trading duped items, they are just hardcore.

I did some calculations, based on the player, or someone, legitimately sourcing the materials to make the ammo.I think it's mostly correct, but the game is down for maintenance, so can't double check 5mm is the most efficient – it may be .50.

I've also not checked weights of raw materials or ammo for similar reasons.

OK, for the ultracite ammo, just to give the player the best case scenario.

Assume they've got the Super-Duper perk maxed, and they're crafting 5mm, as that's why they need so much ultracite ammo, for a heavy gun, also as that's got the best return rate. They've also got maxed ammo-smith.

So each craft creates 180 5mm.

That's using 8 gunpowder, 15 lead and 30 steel.

Without ammo-smith, they'd've had to have crafted 5mm 2033 times.

Assuming some of that ammo came from Super Duper though, lets be kind, and say a third. so they crafted 1355 times, and the rest came from the perk card.

So 1,355 times cost them 40,650 steel, 20,325 lead, and 16,264 gunpowder

Also noting that gunpowder requires what, 3 cloth and 5 acid. Assuming again super duper and 1,355 crafts that's 54,213 acid, and 32,528 cloth

But it's *ultracite*, so they've also used 1,355 stable violet flux.

Violet flux, too, the hardest one to get hold of, you'll get what, one per scorchbeast queen battle, and if you spend some time running about, and have green thumb perk card on, you'll be lucky enough to get 20 raw flux from the Flash ferms (mutated ferns) and tarberry (half life hips).


So 20 raw, makes two stable flux (plus two hardened mass, glowing mass, and high radiation fluids) and one from defeating the SBQ.

So that's best case 451 nuke runs in the Cranberry bog area.

Assuming that it's a 30 day month – I guess I could've used 31 to be more kind to the ammo holder's case, but meh:

15 nukes a day in a 30 day month? Every one has to be a SBQ battle, no one nuking whitesprings. Unless someone is constantly nuking somewhere with better violet flux return rates, but they'd be more visible.

13,55 steel, 677 lead, 1,807 acid, 1,084 cloth a day.

Plus crafting time, transferring time.

Wait, that's only for the ultracite ammo, they've also got 279,583 non ultracite ammo on their mule, and a non determined amount on their main. I don't think I need to bother calculating the crafting cost for all that as well.

Mathematically possible to have got that legitimately, does that seem feasible? I guess there could be an army of folk just making ammo to allow this person to play, but it seems unlikely.

edit: It was also suggested in the comments, that a better return could be achieved for raw violet flux farming, so using this thread (https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/aifiub/psa_farm_violet_flux_easily_and_effectively/)

we'll go with 80.

If someone get's 80 flux every ScorchBeast queen nuke, then they also have 8 hardened mass, 8 glowing mass and 8 high radiation fluids per battle.That makes 8 violet flux, plus 1 from the Scorched earth completing.9 per SBQ battle. 150 battles to get to the number to create that amount of ammo in a month, 5 SBQ battles a day. That's feasable I guess. If no one else is farming violet flux.

You'd still have to farm the acid, lead, cloth, steel, craft it all, carry it all back and forth, hop servers whilst doing all that, have a second account to slowly transfer between – and again, that's only for the ultracite ammo, and doesn't account for the near 300k normal ammo.

Assuming kindness, and ease of calculation – 5mm – and it's clear it's not the case, as the ammo types are detailed

That's 1,553 crafts on top of that (1,035 with super duper and a 1/3 success rate)Additional 31,050 steel, 15,525 lead, 8,280 gunpowder (41,400 acid, 24,840 cloth)

Edit 2:

I'm not saying the player is guilty – I'm just detailing what it would take to get the ammo, through the person doing it themselves, or someone doing it for them.

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