An analysis of what the “Spring Cleaning” actually means going forward.

fallout 2 - An analysis of what the "Spring Cleaning" actually means going forward.

Re-uploading with a hopefully better title. Previous post got rule 6'ed.

I'm seeing A LOT of what I feel are misinterpretations of what this delete wave was meant to do.


Players who had multiple copies of any of these duped items, whether they obtained them using an exploit or by acquiring them from another player, will find that all but one of each of those items have been removed from their characters.

Creation Engine doesn't allow the kind of accountability that is needed to delete every single duped item, or even identify if an item was duped. Instead Bethesda went after the whales, the accounts that had thousands of carry weight and were used to stockpile and dup all of the illegitimate items you see being sold on Ebay and fo76bazaar.

Additionally, if a player had multiple copies of duped items removed as part of today’s actions, we also performed a follow-up search of their account for very large amounts of Nuka-Cola and removed those, as well.

Bethesda used the dup item scan to identify those with large amounts of Nuka-Cola alongside a large stockpile of duped items, obviously these duped Nuka-Cola can be used to artificially bolster your caps. Those who didn't also have a large stockpile of suspiciously identical weapons don't have to worry about losing anything, yes you may have purchased duped weapons, yes you may have even duped them yourself, but now you can't really do anything with those items other than use them. Sure you could sell them, but with duping becoming more difficult and now much easier to punish (will touch on this later), there is a much larger risk to duping.

Finally, during our investigation leading up to these actions, we determined that less than 1% of all Fallout 76 accounts combined across all three platforms needed to have duped items removed. This means the vast majority of players did not possess multiple copies of these duped items, and have had zero items removed from their characters today.

Less than 1% of all FO76 accounts were determined to have stockpiles of duped items. This doesn't mean those are the only dupers, or that those are the only duped items. What this does mean is that those dupe accounts that were walking around with thousands if not millions of carry weight, bogging down the servers and causing crashes are no longer going to be a problem. All of the work and effort put into duping those items, all the hours spent on it, are now completely wasted with the execution of a quick scan.


Let me reiterate. BY RUNNING A SINGLE SCAN, ALL OF THE TIME AND EFFORT PUT INTO DUPING THOSE ITEMS HAS BEEN WASTED. So far, I'm not seeing any threads about legitimate items being deleted. So I feel that this clean sweep was a success for what is was.

I proof of concept.

Bethesda can now run these scans, without warning, as often as they want.

This will in no way completely end duping, there will always be methods or obscure tricks to cheat the system. But you can't stockpile it anymore, you can't make an effective profit of it.

To those that believe this will not affect the in-game economy, it most definitely will. With a reliable, easy to perform scan, Bethesda can now combat mass duping and prevent it from flooding the "market" with illegitimate items.

So now they can start working on/pushing out player vendors, which seem to be a pretty commonly requested addition.

But what about those who still have some duped goods, yes they can sell those items, but they can't bulk dup them to negatively affect the market, so they will become more and more uncommon as the game ages. Instead, players will now want to hold on to those duped goods until they find better items.

And better items will be coming; player level doesn't cap, monster level doesn't seem to cap, and legendary items currently have 1-3 stars but have enough space for up to 5 star legendary items.

So, your 3* Two Shot Explosive Hamdmade may be the bees knees right now and worth stupid amounts of caps, but 6 months from now, when your level 150+ and Bethesda has (hopefully) pushed the weapon level cap higher and added 4 and 5 star items?

TL;DR the delete wave may have only targeted <1% of characters, but this delete wave brings greater server stability and showcases that Beth. can run these scans without warning whenever they want as often as they want. The era of "whale" accounts mass duping items is (hopefully) dead.

I would like to remind everyone that this is the first major game developed by the branch of Bethesda that developed it. This dup scan is a great step in the right direction for the developers and I applaud them for doing as such.

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