An FO76 Experiment: Intelligence Effect on Durability/Condition of Crafted Items

fallout 8 - An FO76 Experiment: Intelligence Effect on Durability/Condition of Crafted Items

After finding only speculation online I decided to answer my own question: What level of Intelligence S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute is required to craft maximum overcharged Ultracite Fusion Cores? Which then led to an expanded experiment on various other crafted items.

Fusion Cores

Intelligence SPECIAL AttributeFusion Core Charge

As you can see, anything above 20 is wasted, as there is a 120% cap on overcharging. Is it worth it to craft overcharged fusion cores considering the flux cost? Absolutely not, they're incredibly easy to find in the world. This was for science!

Ultracite Fusion Cores

Intelligence SPECIAL AttributeUltracite Fusion Core Charge

All ended up at 120% capacity. For those with Power User at level 3, that is an extra 200 shots from each core (total of 1200) in your Gatling Laser. Based on the results above I assume Intelligence at 20 would also net 120% capacity but cannot be sure (ran out of cores).

Durability vs Condition

A refresher for those that may not be aware. Durability is the overall length of the condition bar, while item condition is how much of that bar is filled. Items can also be "over repaired" which grants a white line on top of the yellow condition bar, indicating it is somewhere above 100%.

Baseball Bat

The durability/condition bar is difficult to quantify since it doesn't provide a hard number. I crafted bats with Intelligence at 55, 21, 20 and 19. All of them had the same damage stats and durability (length of the condition bar). The Intelligence 55, 21 and 20 bats had the same 200% condition. However the bat crafted with Intelligence at 19, only had been over repaired to about 80%.


Combat Armor Chest

I crafted armor with Intelligence at 49 and 20. The stats, durability and condition were the exact same on both. I imagine if crafted with Intelligence at 19, the armor would be similar to the bat condition.

T-51b Power Armor Left Arm

This is where things get interesting. The power armor crafted with Intelligence at 19 actually had an ever so slightly longer durability bar than the one crafted with Intelligence at 20. How could that be?

Well I crafted another with Intelligence at 20. This one had a longer durability bar than both the previous pieces. I finally crafted another with Intelligence at 49. This one had the longest condition bar out of all T-51b Arms. All were crafted at 200% condition (full over repair bar), including the level 19.


From what I've gathered Intelligence above 20 doesn't pay off in regards to crafting, though XP gained does continue to improve roughly +3% per point. Note that I had Fix it Good, Power Smith and Weapon Artisan activated while crafting all pieces.

I still can't figure out what is going on with crafting Power Armor. My current guess is the durability bar is determined by Luck, not Intelligence, to some extent. That would explain why crafting two pieces at the same Intelligence level gives differing durability. When I crafted the piece with Intelligence at 19, my luck was at 13. When crafting with Intelligence at 49, my luck was at 34.

This is also probably why durability on crafting legendary gold bullion gear seems to vary so wildly.

Testing Parameters Used to Gain Different Intelligence Levels:

  • Armor: Full Set of Unyielding
  • Mutations: Herbivore, Herd Mentality and Egg Head
  • Perk Cards: Class Freak and Stranger in Numbers
  • Food: Brain Bombs
  • Drugs: Berry Mentats
  • Team: Casual with 4 Bonded Players

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