An Idea for a new fallout game

fallout 8 - An Idea for a new fallout game

So I thought of this and I think it’s a good idea.

(The game should of course be single-player as fo76 was a failure).

The game starts pre-war like Fallout 4. When all of a sudden the sirens go off. You’re rushed to the vault, seeing one last glimpse of civilisation as the mushroom cloud forms in the distance before the vault door closes.

Inside the vault you’d be assigned a job after your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. Upon going deeper into the vault, vault tec’s experiment is exposed. The entire vault is filled with high amounts of radiation, the player passes out.

The player would then wake up days later tied into a chair. The vault tec staff is wearing all hazmat suits… A mirror is brought up in front of you, revealing that the player has turned into a ghoul. The player gets a mysterious serum injected, which sadly doesn’t work. It is then revealed that vault tec tries to cure ghoulism. However. Only parts of the player turn normal(like not immune to radiation and such).

After a while. The project is terminated and vault tec leaves, making it a functioning vault filled with ghouls.


Then it skips a few hundred years into the future where the protagonist is working in the vault(based on the players S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats).

Suddenly, the B.O.S invade the vault looking for the remains of the project and the serum. The player jumps into an empty space behind a panel and hides as everyone else in the vault is terminated. The player hears the B.O.S find the progress, data and the serum and leaves the vault. Thinking it’s abandoned.

The game would be focused around getting said serum from the B.O.S and try to turn back to normal before going feral. The “evil guys” would be the B.O.S in the game as they despise ghouls.

The game would show the player what living as a ghoul would be like.

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(I’ve left out location and such since it could be most places)

What do you think? Could this REALLY be something Bethesda could turn into a game?

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