An idea for a PVP/PVE and Faction fix

fallout 76 discussion and inform - An idea for a PVP/PVE and Faction fix

A long time ago on a PC far, far away I played a game called Star Wars Galaxies, and IMO it had the best PVP/PVE Faction system I've ever used. I'd like to see a similar system used in FO76, and here's my idea.


Raiders, Settlers, Brotherhood, Dweller, Responders, Enclave, etc.

Each faction would have predetermined affiliations or opinions of the others. Settlers are cool with the Responders, but wary of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood hates the Raiders but are wary of the Settlers. And the Raiders hate just about everybody. A player could only join a single faction, and to do so would require a certain level of Faction Standing.


A player would have a Faction Standing with each faction that would be a number from -5000 to 5000, similar to the current Reputation System in game. This number would define how other players or NPC's could react to you. Every time you kill a faction member you lose faction standing as well as gain faction standing with their main competitor. You could also gain faction standing with the completion of missions/quests/events/etc.

The lower your standing the more hostile the NPC's will react to you, and the higher the standing the more likely NPC's will come to your aid. The biggest change to the current system would be making it near impossible to have a high positive standing with two hostile factions. IE Raiders and Settlers. No more being best buds with both sides of the war.

With the Faction Standing system set we move onto Faction Settings.


SWG called them: Special Forces, Combatant, and On Leave, so I'm going to do the same in this example, but I'm leaving On Leave out. The Faction Setting would be chosen and set by the player by interacting with an in game terminal or NPC. Changing this setting could be allowed at any point, but moving it down would have a cooldown timer(5 minutes?).


· Special Forces(PVP)

Special Forces is the highest level, it allows a player to be attacked by the NPC's of their low Faction Standing factions, as well as their joined factions main enemy. The player will also be open to PVP from other players who are also set to Special Forces, and are either aligned with the enemy faction or have a high standing with that factions.

· Combatant(PVE)

Combatant is basically what we have right now. All NPC react to you based on their faction and your standing with it. Other players can't attack you without consent, but dueling and PVP events still work as intended. All players start as Combatants until changed by the player after joining a faction.


All players would start off as a Dweller who has no default hostility toward any other faction, would have a 0 standing with everyone, and be a Combatant. You come out of the vault and go on a Settler killing spree, each kill loosing Settler standing and gaining Raider standing. Before too long the Settlers are attacking you on sight and Raiders are coming to your aid. Eventually you make it to Crater and officially join the faction with your 2000 Raider faction points, or just switch your settings to Special Forces to engage in active PVP with Settler aligned players and anyone with a high Settler standing.

This is a basic idea, and I feel like I'm forgetting some aspects, but have a least gotten the general idea across. A faction system where it matters how you act/react to other factions and allows the players who want constant open PVP to have it.

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