An idea for Fallout 76.

fallout 4 - An idea for Fallout 76.

Hello all,

So I was thinking about an idea to help improve not only immersion within Fallout 76, but to also free up much needed inventory/stash space while making caps. As you are all aware of, inventory/stash management has been a huge ordeal for this game ever since it came into fruition. Not only the drawback of limited weight throughout the game, we are faced with the challenge of saving certain items over others just to make a few caps. What’s crazy about this game is the ability to generate caps per hour. So people are asking: “How can we possibly make more money?”. I’ll be honest with you folks, with the ongoing amount of glitches/duping going on, sometimes it’s hard to trust the source you’re getting your items from. I realize that not everyone is going to be easy going when it comes to trading nor is everyone comfortable approaching people using a microphone, or let alone flagging someone down for trading.

My idea is this….


How would you guys feel about Bethesda implementing a “protectron” for us to use? This protectron could either be given to us or we find the plans to craft it ourselves. With this protectron, it would stay dormant at our camps for traveling wanderers to come across. As a person from the south—I’m all about hospitality, so when my camp is up, it’s for anyone to use. Think about the possibility of someone coming to your camp, enjoying the design of your camp, but also browsing your protectron for goods while they visit? Honestly, if someone had plans for Shishkebab on their protectron while I was using their camp, it would be a no brainer for me, since I simply cannot locate Grahm anywhere. I feel like an idea like this would make the world feel less emptier, but give us more incentive to want to visit other people’s camps and give trading some actual meaning. I don’t think this would totally cut out the vendors already on the map nor will it stop actual trading on the go. This is just an idea I was thinking about and would love some feedback.

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Let me know what you guys think?

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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