An Idea that Involves Monster Movies and the Children of Atom, Curious on Opinions

fallout 8 - An Idea that Involves Monster Movies and the Children of Atom, Curious on Opinions

For awhile, I had this idea of a quest that involves a member of the Children of Atom in search of a "Relic" that tells an origin to what he refers to as "The First Child of Atom." In reality it would actually be a fictional film creature based on our world, "Godzilla," but would be kind of torn in the name so it would read something else, similar to "Novac" being "No Vacancy" in New Vegas or "Far Harbor" really being "Bar Harbor" in Fallout 4. In this case, I sort of came up with "Goziia" imagining the "D" being completely gone and having one of the L's look more closely to an "I."

Anyways its essentially a story of this sole Child essentially looking for evidence of the Jesus equivalent for the Children of Atom. Only instead of a man, it's a creature that was capable of spewing Atomic beams that matches the exact power of an Atomic Bomb. Something that I honestly don't doubt the Children of Atom to worship if it was real, especially seeing them with a Glowing One in that lighthouse in Fallout 4, but back on track.


Lore of this Child of Atom would essentially be having him/her be… well a "Crackpot." A person that seems to imagine too much that they believe what they think. But wouldn't necessarily be hated, rather friendly and even liked by many folk in general, but certainly not someone to keep in a church with highly religious folk who like to keep their beliefs by the book. Eventually heshe comes across damaged but lightly translatable old books regarding to films before the war. Comes across a passage that talks about a creature as big as a building, breathes nuclear fire, and how no weapon could harm it. But it doesn't say everything as it's so badly damaged. But it peaks curiosity and even thoughts that this creature actually existed, not knowing anything about old films or how things in books could be fictitious. Eventually the imagination gets a little out of hand and starts talking to other members about how Atom once created a child long before the Bombs, eventually the Confessor and/or Mother gets an idea of their own. He or she offers the Child on a "Journey in Search of the Original Child." But in all reality it was to get the Child to leave while keeping the church overall the same. And of coarse this Child accepts and wonders in the wasteland in search of any and all information in regards to the First Child of Atom, Goziia… Name of coarse not really finalized but that's essentially my base idea.

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In truth, I'm constantly thinking it a little deeper, even considering writing it down. What would I do with it I really don't know. Perhaps I can make a series using game footage from one of the main series titles, learn how to make mods and bring quest to life, or take a cheap and easy route and just make a long ass fan-fiction that likely few would even bother reading. Likely I'll honestly just forget about it and move on. Even if I do… what do you overall think of this in general? You can be blunt about it, even if you hate the idea.

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