An interesting idea for a possible fallout game

fallout 7 - An interesting idea for a possible fallout game

Hi, okay so I've been thinking about a possible new fallout game, and honestly this is my personal idea for a new fallout game which takes place in my home state of rhode island! I hope y'all like this idea

Story: The game takes place in, well rhode island. You play as a settler, living in a place located on the edge of rhode island. There your character meets with a woman named Willow, a caravan guard whos interested in more backup for a job to bring a caravan to "Providence", the major settlement in rhode island. After accepting the mission, you travel for awhile until your stopped and ambushed by a group of raiders with harpoons and fish hooks, your parties dead, and your almost dead.. but you still live, begining to travel to providencia to follow your mission, like in new vegas. After reaching it, you'll find out the whole jeopardy of the "Homeland" (nickname the locals call the wasteland area, like the commonwealth), as multiple factions want to take controll of the land. So it's up to you to solve this place and become either the hero this place needs, or the villian the homeland deserves.

The factions: While theres multiple small factions, here are the main ones

The fishermen are a large group of raiders, who's headquarters are in the modern day beavertail lighthouse museum, which they call "the marina". There main focus is controll, and they do this by attacking and destroying homes and making citizens listen to them, or you know… they die. Their main quest would be about controlling others and backstabbing, ending in the destruction of many of the main factions, as well as destroying providencia.

The collected are a group of ghouls whom are in a cult focused on the H.P lovecraft mythos. There leader. There base, Located in the remains of Lovecraft's home, there main goal is creating a mist using ex institute technology, which could cause those to become "enlightened", and join them.


The Bos: Ah yes, the Bos. These bastards are back, and there honestly alot less hostile. The Rhode island chapter, headed by a Elder Burnham are focused on negotiating with other groups in order to create a council which could bring everyone together, and for them to sorta investigate and steal the other groups tech.

The Family: The family is a faction based on the Rhode island mafia. These people just want to be left alone and let to run there home. There leader is one Mathias Angelo, a Threatening yet charismatic bastard who wears a painted suit of Power armor.

Vault Tec: That's right, for oncd Vault tec is actually alive. A group of robobrains, made with the brains of vault tec scientists, there main focus is experimenting, and with them, you'll learn more about the blue flu and create a new plague, one that can kill abominations and only have the fittest people survive.

Faction weaponry and clothes Family: Suits and dresses combined with metallic armor, usually use submachine guns, Crowbars, Or brass knuckles, but can rarely be found wearing power armor and using Machine guns.

Vault tec: A bunch of robots pretty much, most are robobrains and have there standard claws and what not, but some are in minds of powerful assaulttrons, or even better (or worse for some), Some are in smaller and less deadly Sentry bot bodies.

Collected: These lunatics mostly wear rags and robes, covered with strange symbols. Some use gamma guns and sacrificial blades. Other use modified mesmatrons and have small animals at their side to fight with them.

Fishermen, as stated before, use fishing equipment for weaponry like fish hooks, Harpoon guns, Traps, etc (like those from far harbor) although they can use more unique weaponry, like shark teeth power fists.

The bos: Okay these guys are just like the bos in the commonwealth, but worse. These guys mostly ballistic weaponry, while those higher than others in the ranks using actual laser weaponry and power armor.

That's all I got rn, I'll update this some more later.

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