An olé to the past

fallout 7 - An olé to the past

You know fallout has been that game I have played since I was a boy. Being 19 I remember when fallout 3 launched to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. My older brother played it and I sat and watched at first. It was very scary pretty much all the time. But yet I felt drawn into it. Almost as if it called to me. So as a 8 year boy I gave fallout 3 a shot and I couldn’t handle it. It was very gory and way too scary for me. But something about it made me want more. The story and game’s atmosphere were just addictive. I started to put more and more hours into. Understanding the game a little more the farther I drove myself into my fallout addiction. Eventually I wasn’t scared anymore and I started to love every beautiful green tinted second of it. I finally beat it and thought to myself. One more time. And then I beat again. And again. And a few more times. And I kept this up for a long time. My brother got ahold of the DLC disks and I got all of the DLC( side note: you guys remember DLC disks? Video games I feel were different then but I know it’s even crazier looking how far we have come) I memorized all the little tricks and ways to beat the game. I would do this over and over.

Then fallout New Vegas came out and I repeated the process. Always putting my hours into fallout as much as I could. Lots of life moments actually revolve around fallout games for me. The last time I connected with my grandpa was with fallout. Marty Robbins’ “big iron” was playing. And you guys know that feeling that song gave you while playing FNV. It was unlike anything, whether you were saving the day with the NCR or being evil with the legion, you felt on top of the world. My grandpa came in the room to hear me singing that song and we talked for a hour or two about older music and his life growing up. He has Parkinson’s and is bed ridden. He doesn’t remember me anymore. But I’ll always cherish that memory with him. It’s hard to play FNV without thinking about him. But it’s not a bad memory. Thankfully fallout taught me life is how you make it. We all go through hardship and we come out stronger than ever. That meant a lot to me growing up and still does.


At this point in life, I’m 15 years old and fallout 4 has been announced and holy crap I’m ecstatic. I can’t control how pumped I am for this game. My girlfriend at the time was so happy to see me so joyful she became excited about it too. I preordered the game and waited patiently as I could. And finally the day came and we drove to Gamestop and I finally owed a copy of the next piece of fallout lore. I was so pumped and we drove home to play it immediately. If y’all remember how lots people called in sick at work and skipped school for GTA 5, that’s how I was with fallout 4. I played and perfected the game over and over again. Bought the season pass and loved all of the DLC. It wasn’t as strong as fallout 3 and FNV were in my opinion but it was still amazing. When I was first playing fallout 3 however I didn’t know anyone liked the game other than my brother and I. And fast forward to fallout 4 and everyone loves fallout games. Memes are made about it, Reddit posts are flipping out, teachers at my school had heard about it( I live in Mississippi and this was a miracle I felt) and suddenly I felt as if I had a community to back up my love for fallout. Since FVN I had watched a YouTuber named: AlChestBreach who revived mods on fallout 3 and NV. His content further burned the fallout flame brighter. My friends and family all knew I loved this game franchise and what it stood for. Leading me to 76

It’s not bad. But it’s not the fallout we have come to know and love. Half the experience I feel is meeting the people and hearing their stories. When fallout 76 was announced I was super pumped as always. I went and preordered it but choose not to watch anything but the first 2 trailers( I’ve learned I’ll hype things up too much and be disappointed otherwise. I learned that actually from fallout 4) and I waited for what I thought the next evolution in fallout would be. And then I played the beta…… I was upset to say the least. This didn’t feel like the next great adventure of fallout but just a cash grab that we thought was unlike Bethesda. We’d all come to trust them and respect them and this is what we got. It just didn’t seem like them. My friends all switched their preorders and I was the lone one getting it. I felt abandoned by something I treasured so dearly. My game was fallout and this wasn’t my game. I got the game a week late and tried playing it with some old joy I tried to muster up and was disappointed. I want to like it so much but yet I find myself hating it. It was rushed and it’s not ready to be played yet. I don’t even want to play the older games because I’ll get excited knowing how great they are and how great 76 could be. But for now it’s worse than trash.

This post is long and I’m sorry about that. But I write all of this because fallout means so much to me and I know it means so much to all of you. One day we will be able to play something that strikes the brain with the old fallout vibes and feel that sweet mellow 40’s style music wash over us with euphoria. But until then. We have 5 wonderful fallout games( I know there is 3 more but ehh.). Our stories mean something to us and they might mean something to others. Fallout will hopefully be wonderful again someday soon but until then let’s carry our great stories and play throughs and share with others the love we have for this series.

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