An Updated List of Weapon-Related Issues Still in the Game

fallout 7 - An Updated List of Weapon-Related Issues Still in the Game

Before I begin here, a few brief notes:

  • I put a lot of thought into deciding what exactly to call this and what to include/exclude. I was originally trying to just stick to bugs, but there are some things that are important to list yet appear to be more oversights than bugs. However, moving on to oversights invites a discussion on balance, which is a massive issue here that I'm not going to touch on. My criteria for deciding whether something should be here was whether or not it seemed intended, and whether similar things work the same way. I am definitely happy to get more info on things to update the list with, but keep in mind that if it is a balancing issue like "mutant's is too weak" or "drum mag does not have enough ammo", I likely already considered it and chose to leave it out because it is not in the spirit of this post.
  • I am including issues that are both harmful and beneficial to players. I know some of you don't like that, but at the end of the day I would rather remain impartial by seeing things work properly and then decide what should and should not be there, as opposed to having to focus the game around broken mechanics.
  • I tested every single one of these myself in the past few weeks unless otherwise stated, which means I am limited to my own experience.
  • If any of you remember my similar post from last year, 25/83 issues I listed there were actually fixed between then and now. Most of those were directly with the Wastelanders update.
  • I tried my best to make this list easy to read, but it's very long and there is simply too much to make it easy beyond a certain point.

Alien Blaster

  • The sharpshooter grip can not be converted back to standard after crafting.
  • Projectiles are extremely delayed. The impact occurs long after the beam passes through an enemy, making it very difficult to hit moving targets.
  • This would normally not be put on this list, but the loading screens specifically say this is "a powerful energy beam weapon that can completely disintegrate enemies." This is blatantly false, as this weapon struggles to kill enemies in the forest.

Assault Rifle

  • Whistle in the Dark - An Updated List of Weapon-Related Issues Still in the GameWhistle in the Dark, the unique survival mode variant, can not use atom shop paints. Or rather the only paint it has, which is the bats one from NW.

Auto Grenade Launcher

  • It has grip and sights mod slots despite not having any interchangeable mods for them.

Bow and Compound Bow

  • The reflex sights can not be used, making them fairly useless except to slightly buff VATS accuracy. Even with the sights equipped, you draw the bow at either a sideways angle (“hipfire”) or straight up (ADS). During both of these animations, the reflex sights are too low to see through.
  • Using the bow can lock you into an odd position where you can not put it away or use your pip boy. You must swap weapons via the favorites wheel to get out of it. This seems to mostly happen the first time you use it on a server.
  • Both bows have a listed fire rate of 100. As this is clearly not the case, there are potentially some other background issues caused by this like with the gatling gun before that was fixed.


  • It does not display how many mods you have learned (2 are possible, bow bar and dual bar).


  • You can not convert the frame back to normal after modding it.
  • The iron sights and glow sights that were introduced with Wastelanders do not stay on after leaving servers. The weapon still says it is equipped, and inspecting it in your inventory will show the correct sights, but the first person model in your hand will show the default sights instead. Example


  • The physical mod box for the crystallizing barrel is called “
    Cryolator Long Barrel”
  • The crystallizing barrel decreases total damage dealt to enemies even though the pip boy numbers show a flat increase. The exact value obviously depends on the enemy, but it seems to be somewhere around a 40% decrease. It appears that the game only deals the (now reduced) energy damage and completely ignores the ballistic damage.
  • The crystallizing barrel incorrectly shows a massive damage increase ONLY when paired with the two shot legendary effect. Without any heavy gunner perks, the standard barrel deals 36 energy damage, and the crystallizing barrel moves it up to 36 physical and 27 energy (physical damage is equal to the old energy damage). A two shot cryolator shows 45 energy damage with the standard barrel, and the crystallizing barrel moves it up to 72 physical and 36 energy (physical is equal to 200% of the base energy damage).

Cultist Blade

  • It was removed from the common legendary drop pool a long time ago, and new drops are no longer possible post-Wastelanders. Supposedly, it is still possible to get 1* variants from the monster mash event

Double-Barreled Shotgun

  • The dot reflex sight is heavier than a circle reflex sight for whatever reason.

The Dragon

  • The explosive secondary effect gives +80% damage instead of +20% damage, it seems to add a full damage explosion per pellet.
  • It was removed from the common legendary drop pool a long time ago, and new drops are no longer possible post-Wastelanders. Supposedly, it is still possible to get 1* variants from the monster mash event
  • You can no longer apply or craft bayonets on them; yet another stealth change not mentioned in patch notes. Was this a bug that got fixed, or is the removal itself a bug? Dragons with bayonets attached before that change still have them, and they have a unique model without any apparent clipping, so it seems like removing them was the bug.

(Enclave) Plasma Rifle

  • Flamer barrels benefit from rifleman and gunslinger perks. At least the splitter is understandable as to why it is not treated as a shotgun, but this is literally a fully automatic spray in more ways than one. It would make far more sense to use commando/guerilla perks.
  • Attaching a pulse capacitor while you already have a flamer barrel attached will cause it to still shoot yellow plasma bolts instead of a stream of green flame.

Explosive Bait

  • Can still be used to grief players/damage CAMPs outside of PvP.

Fire Axe

  • Modding the weapon to have spikes will not allow you to convert it back to a normal axe.


  • Shooting an enemy that is point blank will not damage it; seemingly, the flame hitbox goes through them up to a certain range.
  • There is a big mess going on with nozzles and barrels. Compression/vaporization nozzles lower the reach of the weapon (although they state they lower range instead. On a side note, why does the weapon have a range of 200+ when it has such limited reach? That causes some very interesting interactions with explosive variants that shoot bullets instead of fire). Switching barrels causes the reach to revert back to the default – it does not matter which barrel you switch to. Yes, with a vaporization nozzle equipped, changing your long barrel to a standard barrel will INCREASE your reach. Then to top it all off, this effect resets when you leave the server. Based on the fallout 4 wiki, there was a similar issue: “The long barrel modification is implemented such that, in the game, it must be applied last to increase the range after a custom nozzle is selected.” For clarification: range refers to the pip boy range stat, which determines the range at which damage starts to fall off. Reach refers to how far the flames travel before they disappear. The vaporization nozzle is the only attachment that claims to lower reach.
  • Shooting friendlies with a flamer does not trigger the friendly fire perk. However, bashing with a flamer seems to work fine. Rather embarrassing considering it’s the weapon featured on the perk card.

Floater Grenades (Flamer, Freezer, and Gnasher)

  • Since update 20, they have been added to the explosives pool, so they can now be found in containers or dropped from enemies. This seems to be a bug due to the fact that they are gold bullion items, and they still can not be sold/traded despite being available to everybody.
  • They are not affected by any kind of weight reduction effect (specifically, explosives or weapon).

Fragmentation MIRV Grenades

  • They do not explode in tandem like they used to – the clusters all explode at once now, essentially making this a regular grenade with more damage and a wider radius.

Gatling Gun

  • Scrapping it will teach you an unnamed mod that can not be attached, even if you already know 7/7 mods for it.
    rmB72i6 - An Updated List of Weapon-Related Issues Still in the GameExample. I did not try scrapping too many of these, but it seems to loop infinitely each time you do.
  • The Appalachian Thunder Pipe skin is extremely obstructive in first person, becoming outright impossible to use if combined with the front sight. This post has a pretty good example of it.

Gatling Laser/Gatling Plasma

  • They will often not use up a core completely, even from a full reload, whether the core is fully charged or not. This leads to large amounts of cores with 1-5% charge taking up inventory space, and makes it look like you are not using ammo. Additionally, if you have many nearly-empty cores in your inventory, you will sometimes be displayed the incorrect amount of ammo and you will stop shooting/not automatically reload when it runs out.

Gatling Plasma

  • It has a magazine mod slot despite not having any interchangeable mods for it.
  • The beam focuser causes you to shoot green plasma bolts that leave a red mark on impact. They even have reflecting lasers when you hit a mirelurk's or fog crawler's shell.
  • The beam splitter turns it into a flamer. You can see impact points for green plasma balls if shooting the ground, so the game seems to be confused about what kind of weapon it is. It seems to actually “split” the shot, but only one portion of it shoots/hits, so it only leaves one hole in a surface and deals much less damage than a regular gatling plasma. However, if you have an explosive one, this mod works perfectly fine and splits it as intended.

Gauss Minigun

  • Displays 5 max mods to learn at a workbench even though there are 6 plans you can buy. Some of them don't contribute towards that limit.
  • Does not benefit from either ballistic bock or high voltage hefe, implying that the gun is not classified as either an energy or ballistic weapon.

Gauss Pistol

*The reflex sights are noticeably misaligned. The actual shot goes slightly beyond the top-left corner of the reticule circle. It seems to be too low when standing, and too high when crouched.

  • It displays 5 max mods to learn at a workbench even though there are 9 plans you can buy. Some of them don't contribute towards that limit.
  • Sometimes, after using the gun for a bit, it will have a light around it as if it was charged when it is not.

Gauss Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun

  • Charging is slightly buggy. Sometimes a charged shot will fizzle out, especially after being staggered, jumping, scoping, etc. Server lag seems to intensify this, fizzle rate sometimes goes up to 40-50% of charged shots at busy events.
  • Charging the weapon and then putting it away to cancel the charge will keep the counter stuck at whatever it was (probably 99) until you fire the weapon again.

Gauss Shotgun

  • It benefits from ballistic bock and not high voltage hefe, implying that the gun is treated as a ballistic weapon. This is inconsistent with the gauss rifle and radium rifle being treated as both energy and ballistic weapons.

Handmade Rifle

  • The tweaked receiver is identical to the powerful automatic receiver stat-wise.
  • The piercing magazine reduces ammo capacity down to 10. Interestingly, this was updated to actually be reflected in the mod description (“Reduced ammo capacity”), but this makes no sense balance-wise. All the other magazines (except standard, of course) have either +2 “ranks” to armor penetration, reload speed, or ammo capacity; OR +1 to two of those. The piercing magazine has +1 to armor penetration and reload speed, as it should, but also -2 to ammo capacity.
  • The blood eagle and gold skins do not have any textures for the suppressors, causing them to have a stretched looking mess instead. Example of BE skin Example of gold 1 gold 2
  • The Screaming Eagle skin is very, very bugged. This post does an excellent job summing it up. In short: it has parts that should move but don't, the sights are misaligned, there are clipping issues with the gun and attachments, and some of the animations do not work properly.

Laser Rifle/Ultracite Laser Rifle

  • There is a ridiculously specific bug where you can not shoot if you have a sniper barrel and rifle stock, are wearing power armor, and are playing in third person. If any of these factors is removed, you can fire normally again.
  • Capacitors like snappy, speedy, hair trigger, etc. that increase fire rate do not affect automatic barrels. This is true both in the pip boy and in practice.

Light Machine Gun

  • It has barrel, stock, magazine, and muzzle mod slots despite not having any interchangeable mods for them.
  • The muzzle brake is a mod that is learned from scrapping (and it even requires gunsmith 4 to “craft”), but every LMG has one by default and there is physically no way to replace it, making it impossible to "craft". This even counts towards the 2 mods that can be learned for this weapon, with the other being the prime receiver.

M79 Grenade Launcher

  • It has a receiver slot despite not having any interchangeable mods for it.


  • If you are using the weapon without any ammo (i.e a shredder barrel build), jumping will mess with the spin-up, either resetting it or just breaking it until you let go and spin-up again.

Pipe Bolt-Action/Pipe Revolver

  • These two benefit from both rifleman and gunslinger perks when used with a rifle stock.

Pipe Gun

  • Unlocking every attachment in the game (from scrapping and plans) still leaves you with 65/66 learned mods displayed at weapon workbenches.

Pipe Revolver

  • The weapon’s base fire rate is reduced from 6 to 5 when using a pistol grip instead of a stock.

Plasma Caster

  • It displays 3 max mods to learn at a workbench even though there are 6 plans you can buy. Some of them don't contribute towards that limit.

Pump Action Shotgun

  • It has a sights mod slot despite not having any interchangeable mods for it.


  • It was removed from the common legendary drop pool a long time ago, and new drops are no longer possible post-Wastelanders. Supposedly, it is still possible to get 1* variants from the monster mash event. Interestingly, the mr. handy buzz blade is still in the drop pool.

Salvaged Assaultron Head

  • In VATS, it will only deal damage equal to one charge, no matter whether you charged it before or after entering VATS.
  • Very old heads are missing the “effect” that irradiates the user on hit. I do not know the exact cutoff date, but I know that it was sometime before the purveyor update. "Broken" head from 2018

Single Action Revolver

  • It has a barrel mod slot despite not having any interchangeable mods for it.

Submachine Gun (.45)

  • The prime receiver deals more damage than the hardened; on all other guns, prime and hardened deal equal damage. The only other weapons where prime deals the most damage are those that do not have a hardened receiver, like the gauss rifle.
  • The scorched killer’s receiver nearly doubles the fire rate, from 75 to 127. This does not occur on any other weapon. This is the fire rate it had in Fallout 4, so it’s most likely a copy/paste that got through like the handmade drum mags.


Tesla Rifle

  • Can rarely drop with
    ErQGe4a - An Updated List of Weapon-Related Issues Still in the Gamea “Scope” attachment on the sights. This causes it to not have any sights at all, which is normally not possible as even the standard sights have a little ring. This also makes it so that the sight mod slot does not show up when inspecting it from your inventory. The most recent drop I was able to personally confirm was between patches 19 and 20. It's possible this was fixed in the latest patch, but the far more likely scenario is that I simply have not found one because they are very rare drops.

Trail Fireworks Mine

  • Equipping this speeds up your weapon’s reload. It seems to cut it approximately in half. This ignores the 130% reload speed cap that you are normally bound to.

Ultracite Gatling Laser/Ultracite Laser Rifle

Western Revolver

  • The refined and severe receivers provide a 37.5% damage increase, while hardened and prime only give 25%; these are probably supposed to be swapped.

General Weapons


  • The bull barrel attachment for the .44 revolver is not obtainable in-game, even though the bull barrel is shown in the Nuclear Winter .44 camouflage, as well as the recent
    responders power armor paint images, as if it was in the game. According to dataminers, only parts of the required files for it are in the game.
  • Atx skin weaponskin 10mmsmg freestates l - An Updated List of Weapon-Related Issues Still in the Game
    10mm SMG Free States paint advertisement shows iron sights, even though it
    k6V80KY - An Updated List of Weapon-Related Issues Still in the Gamedoes not have any in-game.
  • The pump-action shotgun, similarly, has a red dot sight and sight rail shown in atom shop pictures even though this does not exist in-game.
  • There are a few attachments in the game that only exist on rare pre-modded weapons and can not be either attached with a physical mod or crafted from a plan. These include the tesla lobber barrel (random drop), cultist dagger shadowed/serrated blades (random drop), bowie knife shadowed/serrated blades (random drop), chainsaw flamer mod (mod box only), and super sledge heavy rocket (only exists on All Rise). With this game, it is difficult to tell whether this is intended or not. The pink/yellow/indigo baseball bats can at least be reasonably assumed to be intended as a collector's item, but locking away functional mods like that seems questionable.
  • This post here goes more in-depth than me on other issues related to missing attachments, the ones I listed are simply because they were already in some way featured in the game.

Bolt-/Pump-Action Weapons

  • The cycle/pump animation is repeated if you unscope/ADS while in the middle of the animation.
  • You can shorten/skip the animation by bashing, throwing a grenade/knife, or using a stimpak at the right time. However, this is only faster than letting the animation play on a hunting rifle without faster fire rate mods.
  • Faster fire rate effects do not work with these weapons in third person. This includes both the rapid legendary effect and any attachments that increase firing speed.

Energy Guns

  • Using a splitter on an explosive energy weapon causes ridiculous damage, it seems like the damage calculation is not applied properly. The explosions still deal full damage per projectile, ignoring the explosive nerf from early 2019. As a friendly reminder, Bethesda said, "we've temporarily removed the ability for them to spawn with that mod applied so we can make adjustments.". It has been over 18 months since then with no word on those supposed adjustments, but plenty of dupe waves spreading these broken weapons further and further.
  • Sometimes, a few seconds after an enemy dies, an ash/goo pile appears near its corpse even though the body did not disintegrate. Interestingly, the cryolator creates a red laser ash pile from this bug.

Explosive Launchers

  • The pip boy display for damage does not seem to accurately track some effects. For example, the Bunker Buster (mighty missile launcher, +20% dmg) only shows an increase of 1-2 damage over a regular missile launcher in the pip boy despite dealing significantly more damage to enemies in testing (~11% increase against a sheepsquatch).
  • Two shot still doubles the damage of these weapons instead of giving the intended 25% bonus. Similar to two shot explosive guns, the two shot only affects the projectiles (which deal basically no damage), but the explosions that spawn on impact each deal full damage.

Fancy Skins

  • The fancy revolver and shotgun from Pleasant Valley claim tickets will often have their unique visual aspects disappear, turning into normal weapons. This seems to only be a visual bug from the inventory/display cases.

Fire Weapons

  • All fire weapons except the flamer, molotov cocktails, flaming chainsaw mods, and flaming crossbow/bow mods still use energy damage instead of the post-Wastelanders fire damage. More specifically, the list of bugged fire weapons includes the floater flamer grenades, shishkebab, baseball bat searing/flaming mods, pitchfork barbed flaming mod, sledgehammer searing mods, power fist heating coil mod, and super sledge heating coil mod.

High Damage/DPS Weapons

  • Anything dealing large amounts of damage in a short amount of time can still cause the damage bug to occur. I have only been able to consistently trigger it with my automatic tesla rifle, plasma thrower, and flamer, but I have seen many reports of this still happening with a wide variety of weapons, mostly using a combination of bloodied, instigating, explosive, and/or fire rate effects. The gatling gun, .50 cal machine gun, tesla rifle, gauss rifle, flamer, and plasma rifle seem to be the most likely to cause this.

Scorched Killer Receivers

  • It seems like it will sometimes count towards the maximum attachments learned on a weapon, and sometimes not. My working theory is that the weapons with plans (such as the double-barreled shotgun or assault rifle) have it count towards the number, while weapons with a scorched killer's receiver that is only learned from the responders terminal do not.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

  • All of these weapons are affected by the ground pounder perk. This even affects rifles like the hunting rifle that do not have automatic variants.


  • Very often, they will cause enemy health to rubberband back up. This seems to be its own form of the damage bug, because it happens almost exclusively with shotguns. Damage numbers will be displayed normally, but the enemy will heal back 60-80% of the damage you dealt a moment after the hit. However, when used in VATS, they are SIGNIFICANTLY stronger. A test I did with a combat shotgun against some glowing snallygasters gave me an idea about this: it took 2 shots with VATS, and 14 shots without it. It almost seems like shotguns are bugged to deal their full damage per pellet instead of spread across them, but this is corrected when shot outside of VATS, causing them to deal a fraction of the damage they deal in VATS.

Spin-Up Weapons

  • If you are staggered from a crippled limb while spinning up, the sound will continue until you pull the weapon back out. If you die before you pull the weapon back out, the sound will persist indefinitely until you bring your weapon back out.
  • If you are staggered while already shooting a spin-up weapon, sometimes it will continue making the firing sound but you will not be shooting or hitting anything until you let go and start shooting again.

Throwing Weapons

  • Equipping a weapon with a legendary effect that applies a buff on equip, such as bloodied, junkie’s, berserker’s, etc., will affect the damage of your thrown weapons.


  • There is general bugginess always happening with VATS, but there is also a fairly consistent trend of 95% shots missing when targeting an enemy for the first time, especially with charged weapons like the gauss pistol or bow.


  • When you load into a server for the first time during a session, if your first shot were to kill an enemy, it will not kill and they will recover back to full health.
  • Sometimes, pressing sprint will shoot your weapon. This is extremely difficult to replicate and I don’t think it’s a consistent bug. It seems to happen mostly after quick inputs while looting a body and/or crouching. Due to the nature of this bug, testing was not really possible beyond just confirming that it is still an issue.
  • If you have multiple versions of a weapon, sometimes the wrong one will have its condition depleted after hitting enemies. This has been suggested to be related to having those weapons on the favorites wheel or using the same atom shop skins on them, but there is no real solid correlation found yet.
    Here is an example, I am currently using a two shot experimental MIRV and the instigating fat man in my inventory breaks as soon as it hits something.
  • Tapping fire while in third person with most automatic weapons will make them shoot faster than their fire rate normally allows. This was originally falsely attributed to just the gatling gun, and it was fixed ONLY on the gatling gun, but it is still possible to perform with various other weapons.
  • Stealth criticals are still not fully consistent. Sometimes, your damage numbers will display the boosted value but enemies will only take regular damage. This is easiest to see with weapons that would one-shot an enemy (like 1000 damage against a super mutant) but end up only taking out 1/2 or 1/3 of their health bar.
  • Holding down the fire button with automatic weapons will sometimes refill part of its ammo (10-25%) right before you start a reload. It is also possible with semi-automatic weapons, but it is far less consistent then, and you need to be spamming the fire button very quickly. This does not have much of a real purpose as it forces you to reload anyway, but it has led to various reports of weapons reloading when they were not yet empty. The closest to useful I could get out of this was shooting the dragon twice in a row without a reload, but I have not been able to replicate it since then.
  • Apparently, some of the Wastelanders loot pools are bugged and can drop legendary item/effect combinations that should not be possible. Here is a rather reliable-looking video of a TSE Gauss Shotgun from an ally quest. Just to be clear, I do not know if this is real, but it looks convincing enough and this kind of issue is definitely something that has happened in this game before.

Legendary Effects

Crippling (+50% limb damage)

  • A few weapons are still bugged to only be able to drop with this secondary effect from legendary enemies. This means that crafting them, buying from the purveyor, or receiving as quest/event rewards is not affected. This used to affect all melee and unarmed weapons soon after the purveyor first came out, but it was since (mostly) fixed. Here is the exact list of weapons still affected.

Instigating (+100% damage on full-health target)

  • This effect lasts beyond the first shot with rapid fire weapons, and seems to last for a few seconds of consistent fire depending on how much lag the server is experiencing. This bonus is even reflected in damage numbers.

Rapid (+15% faster reload)

  • Entering power armor will negate this buff (as well as speed demon’s reload speed bonus). You will need to re-equip the weapon after entering power armor to regain the bonus.

Stalker’s (+100% VATS accuracy at +50% AP cost when out of combat)

  • This can still drop on melee weapons even though it has absolutely no benefit for them. I am not saying "useless" in the way people refer to mutant's or nocturnal or something, I really mean useless. Melee weapons in VATS are only capable of having either 0% chance to hit or 95% chance to hit, this effect does not affect the hit chance in any way.

Two Shot (Fires an additional projectile, +25% damage)

  • Some weapons still receive a 100% bonus from two shot, bringing their total with two shot up to 200% damage. Currently confirmed weapons to benefit from this include the crossbow and salvaged assaultron head. (Tested with a two shot assaultron head, with sneak criticals against a level 50 watoga protectron. A normal assaultron head fully charged dealt 648 damage. At max charge, the two shot head dealt 432 damage with one beam and 863 with the other, for a total of 1295 ).
  • Some weapons have an even 50/50 damage split, while others are closer to 66/33 or 75/25. I have tested this extensively and it makes NO SENSE whatsoever. I tried 12 different two shot weapons. The results? Straight down the middle, 6 even and 6 not even. The gatling gun, flamer, auto grenade launcher, m79 grenade launcher, laser pistol, and pipe bolt-action rifle dealt the same amount of damage with each projectile. The cryolator, dragon, crossbow, plasma caster, ultracite laser rifle, and salvaged assaultron head dealt different damage with the bonus projectile than the main one(s). I analyzed every detail about these weapons I could think of and found absolutely no pattern; they just sometimes work and sometimes don't.

Vampire’s (Health regeneration per hit)

Various effects

  • This is a fairly well-documented issue at this point, but certain legendary effects can cause a huge damage overflow bug. According to some past posts, it seems that these effects have an uncapped version of the furious effect (like in fallout 4) attached on top of their regular effect, so your damage rises exponentially (yet slowly) as long as you keep hitting your target and boosting that damage. This has come to be known as “magic” effects in the community. Despite popular belief, you can achieve this with most weapons that have either automatic variants or a multishot component; even automatic laser rifles or 10mm SMGs can trigger this.


I'm not sure what to say at the end here, that's kind of it. I do this kind of thing mostly as a hobby and decided to share it before the next update, sort of as a test to see how much is fixed in the next few patches. If you made it all the way down here, have a nice day and stay safe.

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