And honest (and humble) opinion from a guy who hated the very idea of this game since it was announced on E3

fallout 5 - And honest (and humble) opinion from a guy who hated the very idea of this game since it was announced on E3

I've always loved the Fallout franchise (FO2 was the first game on the series that I've played on my childhood, with FNV being my favorite), and the concept of Fallout 76 was against everything I've loved about the series. FO3 was the first game that got me into modding, and then I've realised that, for me, modding is crucial to every FO/TES game out there, that it made me learn my way on xEdit+CK and start creating mods myself.So when I've learned about the details on 76 at E3, it was an insta-hate for me because of the lack of mods (and ENB, to an extent) and NPCs, and ever since then, I've been in a lot of discussions with my fellow buddies and modders on Discord, talking trash and calling it an abomination, refusing to even look at it as if it was some sort of a cursed demon and laugh at every single "failed" attempts from Bethesda to revert the situation (although a lot of the backlash on them was well deserved, but some was over-exagerated).

Until the free week came…

When they announced the free week at E3, I've just laughed and didn't even bother downloading it, but things changed on last friday. I was bored and alone at home after my work shift (and kinda drunk too), and decided to "experience this utter-shit and face this demon with my own eyes". 1h30m later, I've booted up the game and didn't even bother going in-depth with the character creation, I've still didn't had any hopes for this game, until I've left the Vault 76. There was a high level player in a X-01 PA just standing there, my first thoughts ware: "this guy is gonna murder me in every possible way and prabably keep comming after that until I quit". For my very surprise, he handed me a few items and waved at me. He followed me for almost two hours, keeping his distance and sniping Scorcheds from afar whenever they overwhelmed me, but unfortunately the game disconnected me and we lost each other.


When I've got back in, I was slowly starting to realise how massive Appalachia is, and how diverse it is compared to FO4 (for example). The atmosphere is great, the backstories on every location, corpses, it all sums up to tell the sad story of the appocalypse and how they suffered to rebuild it.

Before I knew, It was almost 5AM here and I've kept playing more and more, to discover all the locations I've came by, and look for clues of what happened to that particular place. I was more hooked on exploration than I was on FO4/3/NV. There are a lot of improvements over some of the FO4 mechanics like workbenches, crafting and survivability (although I personally would like an option to make AID items a lot more scarce).

After experiencing this game, I was slowly starting to feel the Fallout-vibes back again, and it makes me want to apologize for every one that I've ever argued about it, because I was wrong in several ways. Sure, the game STILL have some serious issues, like:

-Interior lighting needs a revamp (which will probably not happen), every interior looks pretty dull, either too bright or too dark.

-Shadows are somewhat worse than FO4 (which looked pretty good overall).

-LOTS of low-res textures on several objects (not related to the texture-streaming bug from FO4).

-Bloom is over exagerated sometimes.

-The SSAO is basically inexistent.

-The overall graphics are worse than FO4 to some extent.

Despite all of that, I've decided to bite the bullet and bought this game today for $19, something that I've NEVER even imagined and considered doing for more than 10 bucks.

I sincerely hope that this game continues to improve, not only for Bethesda, but to all of us Fallout fans out there. Looking forward for the Wastelanders patch later this year, maybe it'll finally make this game shine.

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