And this is where my Protectron Vendor would go… IF I HAD ONE.

fallout 5 - And this is where my Protectron Vendor would go... IF I HAD ONE.

Bethesda. Hey. My store is ready to open. I've got a full inventory, and this merchandise ain't gonna sell itself (and I should know, since I'm the one fast-traveling and bleeding caps, from Watoga to Harper's to Sutton to Whitesprings and back again).

Lookin' for a fix? Well, jet ain't been invented yet, but I've got everything else. Need to fill your enemies with lead, but need some lead to start with? I got that. No time to head to the mine for copper or aluminum? You ask, I sell. I'll even offer ya ballistic fiber, gears, and springs at a discount. I craft a mean homemade rifle, auto grenade launchers, nuka grenades, and spikey bits to stab people with, all at a premium price.

Okay, real talk: if camp vendors become real, I'm a terrible negotiator, and I will give everyone rock-bottom prices because I'm a sucker for letting people enjoy the game their way. Let the players create their own economy. Let us inflate and deflate your currency. Let the scorchbeast price gougers get what they deserve, and let the economic Responders trade fair and square with success. All those legendaries you give us? Someone somewhere is looking to create a build with unyielding and bloodied. Someone somewhere is creating a chameleon build. There will be lots of garbage too, but let's be honest: we're all server-hopping, and garbage is what we're repeatedly seeing thanks to your high-level plan restrictions and vendors only offering a fourth of a sale's caps after a sale. And all players are looking for a place to sell their loot at any time, regardless of the 24-hour cycle. You've already got a thriving economy of players trading gear on Discord and Reddit. That's what you've said you wanted, but let's now bring that business in-game where I believe it can thrive.


I'm asking for the burden of supply and demand, something that Fallout has never really had beyond loot tables. Let us surprise you. Let your players come across a vendor selling two shot exploding shotguns for exorbitant prices. Let your players trade scrap for scrap, scrap for caps, or caps for scrap. Let us profit from all the plans we already know besides stashing them in a suitcase near a vendor on the off-chance that someone will notice them and need them (at least that's what I've done, since I am friendless and alone in the wastes).

Read:  We need to bring military ideas into the game more like flash and smoke grenades, bunkers for camps, camo nets, traps for nature, and so on.

If you're already preparing for this, then ignore everything I've said. But there's only one thing I really need from you, Bethesda (besides confirmation that camp vendors will be a thing, beyond what Todd said at E3): let us set our own prices, the even fractions of a cap if you have to (bullets of all varieties are going much cheaper than a cap each, let me tell ya). Let there be a tax for every trade, whatever. Just don't take the choice away from us.

Let us play Fallout 76 in a different way. Whether you're Trashcan Carla, Moe Cronin, Moira Brown, or Crazy Wolfgang, let us trade freely. Let Appalachia be open for business!

(I know I'm treading old ground here, copying others' sentiments about a player-driven economy. I just thought I'd air out my thoughts.)

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