Anecdotal Mutation Info.

fallout 8 - Anecdotal Mutation Info.

I've been trying to get the Marsupial mutation every single beta session and I think I've figured out a handy tip.

Don't just stand in a river smashing back as much radiated consumables possible. Instead cook up your food so if gives off less radiation and eat it that way. Across the 3 beta sessions so far I've had 3 different mutations, Speed Demon, Scaly Skin, and this time Marsupial. In the first session I just chugged river water and rad aways resulting in me using about 45 minutes of play time and running out of rad aways stunting my ability to farm any further. the second beta session I got scaly skin with almost no health bar left so I had to cure it so I could, you know? Live.

The session just been I decided to try a new approach, cooking up and eating low rad food and I got my mutation super quickly with most of my health bar in tact, which is good because who knows how long it'll be until I get get starched genes.


I think the way it works is you have a chance to gain a mutation every time you get irradiated meaning you're better off having constant small amounts of rads vs just large levels of radiation. Essentially meaning that lets say getting +2 rads 5 times is 5 times better than getting +10 rads once because not only do you get mutated faster but its also more manageable, keeping your overall rads level down so you don't have to live an irritated half life.

Although this is based off of my own personal anecdotal experience in which I was super lucky so take it for whats it's worth.


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