Another longtime fan’s final cry.

fallout 4 - Another longtime fan's final cry.

Ill warn you this is more of a message to bethesda.

I remember the day you started the count down. I was excited as could be. In my head i thought it would be the fan hyped multi or a new vegasesque spin off. When todd showed up i had those goose pimples you get when nostalgia or authentic excitement hits you. Then the video started, the music was perfect and the reveal was non descriptive. I became excited and worried at the same time. Why show us a game with no info and i gathered it was to hype us up for the e3 reveal. You then showed us a world of coop and pvp in the least revealing manor again. The excitement grew and so did the worries. But somehow you managed to make the disappointment begin within minutes after. I was told the game would go on presale the next day. 10 minutes after the reveal a friend told me its up on the stores. As i checked, the presale for the collectors edition was already sold out. But as i was told it was going on sale the next day. How could that be? So much like 4 i kept the store page open for days for another wave to hit. Eventually you told us that would never happen. At that point i downgraded to the regular edition for 44 dollars on amazon(You saved me 150 dollars thank you). While this was happening you decided to market every aspect of the game from sugar bomb bowls to usb power cores. The pricing was comical and it continued to worry what the future would hold.

So we come to also find out b.e.t.a would be exclusive to the early pre orders and people who bought it on your new app. I wasn't surprised its the way every company is going. But ill admit i am a fan of steam. Irregardless i downloaded the app and awaited for the day to come. Before any of us got a hold of the game. You decided to do a large event for "content creators". Using staff to fill up the world and cart your cattle in a semi escorted direction to places that would excite and entice a positive reaction. Not many noticed it or simply were just too hyped to care. But i know i did and its something that aided in my thinking something was not right. Somehow i never was informed of the beta dates. but My wife somehow found the actual release hours before i did on google. It was a bit of a shocker to see such weird hours for a stress test but i managed to play every last one of them. Within that time i had made in game friends and had a very very mixed up experience. But despite the bugs and holotapes flying at me in the start zone i had enjoyed what i played…youtubers be damned. Then the wait for release hits. Turns out everyone who spent 200 dollars or gave you their extra cash by buying it on your store got to play a day early. A fitting yet frustrating start to the money grab theme you have portrayed for us. I waited my extra day only to receive my copy at 4 pm. I knew that would happen but again to my surprise you hit me again with no book insert and a fu*king cardboard disk with a code to download the game. Why even send it to me? I wrote down the number in a book and tossed the plastic waste. I can remember getting fallout 3 and opening that case and just fanboying the fact you took the time to personalize the start up book with the fallout humor i know and love. Now i need 200 dollars to experience half that feeling.

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But lets get into actually playing your released game as its what we all waited for. Im not gonna lie the first week was a god damn mess..Its been beaten to death and i don't have to bother with those details. After the first week patch it really did make the game playable, i stopped experiencing most bugs. But the disconnects never did. That alone left me frustrated time and time again as i attempted to keep my optimism. I mean you guys pushed an always online game and couldn't even manage that. But the other half of my gameplay continued to be inventory management and seeing what i could get away with for max building and minimal turrets. I had moments in leveling that had bring me great joy. Especially the ending quests to explore bunkers and launch a nuke. The broodmother fight despite the skyrim jokes was amazing the first time, though i had d/c'd and reconnected to finish the fight. But after that it became about holding an ammo workshop that was severely contested and i would lose to the highly manipulated wanted system and dc's. Not to mention the repair farming for armor. Had it really come down to only doing those 2 things over and over? It killed my drive to play so i started another character. During this time i began to focus on the atom store and unlock some items for myself to keep me happy. It worked at first but the pricing is comparable to that of fortnight gouging. 18 dollars for a skin color or 6 for a single floor pattern. You guys are charging us for old assets in other games seriously? (Ill give you it was genius plan but one that would paint you even more as another bad guy company. Every day i checked the store and every other day you would add an item. We want bug fixes not daily deals of 7dollar banana hats and 14 dollar evil knieval outfits.Though fitting as half of everything hes done was a failure. ) Even by doing the dailies you are restricted beyond reason. Not to mention the countless mislabeled patterns and no ability to tell which you have purchased. Either way due to the severely limited building choices there was Nothing to really distinguish you from others. The c.a.m.p problems themselves, OUCH. Ive had to move my house 10x and so many bugs and glitches came with that. Ive resolved that by putting my house in the least travel friendly spot on the map. Though since last patch i now recieve countless items over and over due to the log in bug putting my storage inventory upwards of 1100 lbs.(An anti duping patch that resulted in more duping…amazing.) Ive been capless and i refuse to exploit the game with carrying capacity and vending to the 7 different 200 cap limited vendors. All in all you designed the casual feature to be a self loathing monstrosity. I had more fun building in conan which is a focal point for this genre.

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I could give a fu*k less about the bag and negative feedback people are using to boost their youtube followers. I tried to play and enjoy your game and i did at times. Even though it was done in a genre i never would have played and you are probably overly aware of every issue i had come across. Your map making and story telling was there for me. But man it has left me with zero drive to continue playing and i probably will never pick this game up again. I hope the decisions you made in 4 and here taught you much about the relationship you have with us. I look forward to fallout 5 but for now my free time and money is going elsewhere.

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