Another Optimistic “Future of Fallout” Thread

fallout 8 - Another Optimistic “Future of Fallout” Thread

’And on the 2077th day, Tod said “let the guys at r/Fallout be desperate for optimism as they wait a decade for the next Fallout”. And it was so, because what Tod spoke was the law’

Aight so essentially this is me running off ideas I saw from those recent VinylicPuma and Luke Stephens videos. I mapped out a three card hypothesis. Essentially, the idea is that Starfield will be a “replacement” for Fallout at Bethesda by its release in 2020-22.

My theory is that, if Starfield is successful, BE will sell the Fallout I.P. for a hefty price. Basically, a Starfield franchise will take Fallout’s place in the RPG release schedule (every 3-4 years an RPG, average of 5-6 years a series installment). This then brings us to the 3-pronged fork in the road.

Card 1: Best Case Scenario: and what I assume will be the favorite of many here. 2022, After Starfield has a good release in the Fall of the previous year, Bethesda sells the primary console rights of Fallout to Obsidian (which will be backed by sweet Microsoft cash and community goodwill). In return, Bethesda will retain the rights to make spin-offs of the franchise. I’ve seen some predict that a mobile Fallout card-game is on the horizon. I’m inclined to agree with this prediction. Also, BE will retain the rights to launch new Fallout installments on the PS4 (perhaps a couple weeks after the initial releases on Xbox and PC). Here: Bethesda stays rich, community happy, everyone wins.


Think of Todd Howard himself. Dude is a professional showman. He’s like the PT Barnum of modern gaming: charismatic, knows business, and understands his audience to a degree. Are you gonna tell me Todd wouldn’t jump at the chance to hop on stage at the 2022 E3 or Game Awards with Tim Cain and Chris Avellone to announce a the resurrection of BE-Obsidian Fallout partnership? Audiences would go insane. Dude is already pretty much a legend, but that would re-cement him as a truly respectful figure in the gaming world.

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Card 2: would be a lot like Card 1 but with a different, fairly good or decent publishing studio. Maybe a Take-Two or Ubisoft, Rockstar, etc. I personally see this scenario as the least likely.

And finally, Card 3, WORST case scenario: BE demands an exorbitant price for the IP and ends up selling in a cash dump to a shithole company like EA or Activision. ‘Nuff said there.

Those are my ideas anyway. Hell, there’s a Card 4 that Fallout stays how it is and stagnates. Perhaps that’s the most likely, but I still have faith.

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