Another Quality of Life Wish List

fallout 2 - Another Quality of Life Wish List

Item-for-item trading

  • This is day one stuff right here. Too many people have been needlessly scammed when trading. Let's have a trading screen that allows to trade an item for another item, instead of just an item for caps.

Separate stash box to transfer items between characters

  • If you're still playing 76 two years in, you probably have at least two characters. Let's say you get a really good roll on a Vanguards Secret Service armor piece, but it's useless because you're currently on your Bloodied character. We need a way to transfer the new 'character-bound' gear to other characters. I'm proposing a separate stash box of 200 lbs that all of your characters have access to.

Leave our creative camp building methods alone

  • Is your camp floating? Who cares? Out of all the things to fix/create in the game, they choose to remove floating camps…

Spend caps to refresh the daily available scrip

  • It would be a nice "cap sink" to maintain the economy. And it would keep people playing the game longer.

Craft the new daily ops gear as legendary

  • Self explanatory. This amount of RNG and time-gating is bad for the game.

Not getting "NONE" for daily ops rewards

Option to fast travel to interior areas

  • I'm looking at you, The Rusty Pick. How many times have you wanted to fast travel to the area outside of the Purveyor? Also, it would be nice to have the option to go directly into our Shelters.

Make shelters have the same functionality as normal camps

  • I wont go into detail this one because we all know that shelters needs more functionality (Allies, vendors, displays, crops, etc).

Timers for daily resets

  • When does your daily caps reset? What about your treasury notes? What about that 150 scrip? We need a timer for that.

More info on our weapons/gear

  • Can we list the AP cost? How about the armor rating? What about bash damage? Can you list the Damage Per Second, instead of just Damage?

Change weapon degradation to be based on shots fired, rather than number of enemies hit

What did I miss? Comment and maybe I'll add it to the list!



Remove base Ultracite power armor leg/arm/helm plans from the Scorchbeast Queen's loot table

  • You can get all the plans for the base Ultracite power armor pieces from that brotherhood terminal now.

Let us cook with Purified Water

  • Why can't we do this already?

In-game text chat

  • Thanks u/Nytrel — Global, Area, and Team text chat is actually necessary for a game like this. Maybe there would be a cap cost for posting a Global text chat, as that would get spammed constantly. We cannot rely on 3rd parties for this functionality forever.

Remote disabling of your vending machines

  • Thanks u/AFUSMC74 — Going over the cap limit feels so bad. We need a way to remotely disabling our vending machines in our camps. Maybe there should be an alert when you're getting close to max caps.

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