Anti-Armor Sledgehammer and normal Sledgehammer Preliminary Test Results

fallout 2 - Anti-Armor Sledgehammer and normal Sledgehammer Preliminary Test Results

Good day!

So a few days ago, i got an Anti-Armor Sledgehammer and wanted to test a few things, as no matter how much google i do, i cannot find vital information like how armor penetration stacks (if it does), if weapon mods for penetration stack with the legendary prefix, etc.

A bit of background before i get into the details.

My character , while testing, had 16 STR, +25% more melee damage from Twisted Limbs mutation, no STR perks for damage, no other perks for damage in any SPECIAL, and the Sledge tooltip damage was 210.

I tested 2 weapons: A normal sledgehammer, and the aforementioned Anti-Armor Sledgehammer (50% armor penetration prefix), and the enemies tested on were the lvl 50 Watoga Government workers (Mostly because they endlessly respawn, and are neutral after finishing the quest there, and also because robots have armor).

Incisor Perk in Strength gives 25%, 50% and 75% , respectively, armor penetration.

The test was simple: test ONE attack with 0 Incisor(without Incisor), 1 Incisor, 2 Incisor, and 3 Incisor, with different mods, on TWO or THREE different robots, with both weapons. This took me about 8 hours, please bear with me, i am not a theorycrafter, so i did as i assumed would make sense. The only way to tell the damage is by looking at the name and associating the health bar depletion with letters from the name.

Here are the results. Again please bear with me, i know the healthbars are different sizes, or positions, etc, but i'm not gonna spend hours tidying up because i'm not a robot (heh).


Each column represents a different mod installed, on each weapon I tested. I also gave each combination a Code, so as to be easier to mention it or comment on it, or compare them afterwards.

A few preliminary conclusions (or a TLDR i guess…) :

*There is no damage difference between Sharp and Heavy Sharp Rocket mods, or i just haven't noticed it, but this was not part of the test, so i didn't add the findings here. (tested normal sledge with normal sharp mod, and then bought a heavy sharp rocket mod and installed it)

*Non-Anti-Armor Sledgehammer:

  • Spiked mod is the best UNLESS you want to use INCISOR 3.
  • Contrary to the name and texture, the Heavy Spiked Rocket mod does NOT provide armor penetration(i amaware it is not mentioned that it has armor penetration in the mod description, i was just curious) -Why?because it has identical damage to the Sharp mod)
  • At Incisor 3, all mods have the same damage, so it's best to go for the auxiliary stuff mods, like bleed, limb damage, etc.
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*Anti-Armor Sledgehammer:

  • If you want to run without Incisor perk (any level), then your best bet would be to go with a Heavy Spiked mod.(but only barely, the damage is almost insignificant, i think bleed would be better from Sharp)
  • At Incisor 2, all 3 mods are virtually the same, so Bleed, again, wins (as well as some cripple bonus, limb bonus, etc)
  • Incisor 3 == Incisor 2 with Anti-Armor. Don't use it. I am confirming that Armor pen is useless above 100%.
  • Incisor 1 is best with Spiked, because they don't add up to 100% but are damn near close. Spiked + Anti-Armor + Incisor 25% is highest Armor Pen you can get with Incisor 1, but the damage you gain is minuscule compared to the other mods.
  • I have no idea why AHS3 does more damage than BHS1. They have virtually the same armor penetration, yet the damage difference is "insane" ( a whole letter, lol). AHS3 has X% from Spiked, 75% from Incisor, while BHS1 has 25% from Incisor, 50% from Anti-Armor and X% from Spiked. Does this mean that Incisor replaces the anti-Armor prefix?.

If this were the case, then BHS0 should be doing LESS damage than AHS3, WHICH IS TRUE. here's the math: BHS0 has 50% from anti-armor, x% from Spiked. AHS3 has 75% from Incisor 3 and X% from Spiked. But this would also imply AHS2 is equal to BHS0, which is, again, true. Same logic. So why, then, if this implies that Incisor replaces the anti-armor, why does BHS1-2 deal more damage than BHS0? This is contradicting.

  • Also, another thing to consider would be that , even with the fizzy logic i am trying to unravel, the fact remains that BHS2 has the best damage ("between government "O" and "G" is the best damage i can pull off). This directly implies that Anti-Armor stacks with Incisor somehow, and leads me to draw the conclusion that they are multiplicative, and no additive.

Let's assume multiply order is Prefix – Incisor – Mod, and let's assume Spiked adds 25% (for math sake), and that Target's armor total is 100.

Test 1:

Prefix 50% => 50 armor left
Perk Incisor 75% =>100-75 = 25 is left. 25% out of 50 armor = 12.5 => 37.5 is left
Spiked Mod 25% out of the 25 left = (25*25)/100 = 6.25 25% out of the 37.5 remaining armor => (25*37.5)/100 = 9.375
Total Penetration 75+6.25 = 81.25 50 + 12.5 + 9.375 = 71.875
Result Higher Lower
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Validated by the difference in the preliminary tests (imgur link) and indeed BHS1 is lower damage than AHS3.

Test 2: Two codes which are equal AHS2 and BHS0

Prefix 50% => 100-50 = 50
Incisor 50% => 100-50 = 50
Spiked 25% => (25*50)/100 = 12.5 25% => (25*50)/100 = 12.5
Total Penetration 50 + 12.5 = 62.5 50+12.5 = 62.5
Result Equal Equal

Again validated by the imgur link tests.

Final Test 3: AHS2 versus BHS3

Prefix 50% => 100-50 = 50
Incisor 50% => 100-50 = 50 75% => (75*50)/100 = 37.5 (armor left is 100-50-37.5 => 12.5 armor left)
Spiked 25% => (25*50)/100 = 12.5 25% => (25* 12.5)/100 = 3.125
Total Penetration 50 + 12.5 = 62.5 50+37.5+3.125 = 90.625
Result Lower Higher

Also validated by the tests.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter how much % Spiked actually adds, as long as it's last in multiplication. It's somewhere around 15-25%, but i don't know how to calculate it exactly. I'll run more tests later.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, and hope to see some other ideas get thrown around here. Now excuse me, gotta take care of this massive headache.


TLDR: if you got an Anti-Armor Sledge ( probably same for all melee weapons), best bet would be Incisor 2 and a Non-Armor penetration mod.

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