Any spot that can be nuked should be a GOOD spot to nuke..

fallout 8 - Any spot that can be nuked should be a GOOD spot to nuke..

I remember when ol' Todd Howard said prior to release how difficult nuke zones would be or areas like Cranberry Bog were. And for a time before maxing my level and build they way I wanted, this was true. But, it just isn't anymore. SBQ for plans, repair kits, XP.. Whitesprings for legendaries, Grafton/Hemlock holes for flux when I have enough resources for crafting stable flux. But, it's all just farming. Sometimes I have time and nuclear keycards, but I still don't want to launch a nuke, because I get so bored with what's available. I would nuke so much more if there were more locations that were worth it.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate these spots for what they provide. And SBQ can still give me trouble. But, I should fear the hordes of mirelurks breaching from the mire coming at me from every direction. I should have anxiety hearing a pack of deathclaws near my location in the savage divide. I should be able to nuke ash heap and fear legions of mole miners mouth-breathing me to death..

I totally get not doing this outside of nuke zones, otherwise it might cause a new player to quit from frustration, but nuke zones in general just need a buff. Max level players should be hesitant before hopping in a nuke zone and newer players should be able to go into a nuke zone and get the feeling of "WTF did i just walk into".


As it currently stands, I just have more fun trying to speed-run West-Tek, because there are so few things that get my in-game adrenaline running. The burrows is too spread out for me to feel overwhelmed by ghouls. Project Paradise doesn't happen enough. Vault 94 is fun, but it's shutting down. Endgame needs to be more easily accessible, have a wider variety, or just be more punishing in general.

I am excited for Wastelanders! I think the new stories will be fun, I love the idea of NPCs making a comeback. But, I'm not expecting it to bring more than a few hours of content for those of us that are not starting the story from scratch. Maybe a lot of hours, depending on how much of a grind the affinity system for factions are. But at some point the content will be played out. And nukes still have the possibility of being the best sort of radiant quest with how I see it. They're accessible. They can happen often, and they have the unique opportunity to make any area an endgame area. It's just that Bethesda really isn't utilizing this super unique and creative mechanic that could be so much more than what they currently are. Rant over

TL;DR: Moar [email protected] contint pls

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