Anyone else considering just giving up on Bethesda?

fallout 6 - Anyone else considering just giving up on Bethesda?

I’m a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout and I have loved playing Bethesda’s games since Oblivion and Fallout 3. I have put so many hours into both series, although they are close, Fallout is my favourite out of the two and possibly my favourite game series ever. People at work used to ask what I’d been up to over the weekend and I’d joke that I’d been exploring caves, killing supermutants etc when Fallout 4 came out. I’ve been an absolute fan boy over this series.

When Fallout 76 came out, I enjoyed it. It wasn’t perfect but I believed Bethesda would make it right.

I booked a week off of work when the game came out just because I don’t get to play games as much as I like to (Adulting), but it was so buggy, i had to delete and reinstall the game a couple of time despite the game already being installed but the launcher stating that it wasn’t. I felt like the week I’d booked off was an absolute waste. I’d even planned my time around the game for the week, the plan was to wake up at 5am, go to the gym for 6:30am, be back for 8am. Walk my dog until 9am and then I’d have the rest of the day to play the game until about 9/10pm and then sleep and repeat (my girlfriend was working away during this week so this was the best time for uninterrupted game play). That sounds crazy I know but I used to stay up all night playing games when I was younger, I didn’t want to disrupt my sleeping pattern so I decided to stick to the pattern I already had.

Bag gate occurred which was messed up for everyone that had ordered them.

I tried my best to enjoy this game. I stuck by it despite the bugs and the stupid overseer Evan quest. I never tried roleplaying in a game before so I thought I’d try roleplaying as a character named Father Shadow and set up a twitter account as this character to engage with others. That didn’t really work. Roleplaying in this game didn’t take off as much I’d liked.

I stopped playing for a while but then my friend said they were interested in playing but on console so I bought the game again on PS4. They quickly got bored of the game and gave up on it. I noticed some improvements and decided to carry on playing, eventually switching back to PC because the loading times were so much faster and it’s just easier to do things on PC.


I didn’t mind the Atom Shop because it didn’t feel like it had a real impact on the game but then eventually it became pay to win despite Bethesda saying it wasn’t. I gave them the benefit of the doubt again because they’d released the battle royale mode and the wastelanders update looked promising.

There are parts of this game that I really enjoy, I love fallout. I love exploring fallout games. I used to post on reddit defending the game and saying how much fun it was. I love building shit and seeing what other people have created. It seemed like Bethesda were turning a corner and maybe everything was going to get better.

This game could improve, it might get better but it’s Bethesda’s morals and the way they go about their business that makes me think enough is enough. Every game they release is buggy, to the point were they joke about it, they bend the truth about what they say and what they actually mean. They break promises and now they are literally just taking advantage of their fans.

Fallout 1st is an absolute disgrace, it really is. How can you ask fans to pay even more money for a game that is still broken, despite selling the game for full price to begin with. I’d understand if this was a game that was free to play on release but it wasn’t. How can you ask players to pay more money for a game that is incredibly hollow, this is a shell of a fallout game.

I wish Bethesda would listen, actually listen to their fans and not just parade around pretending that they do listen. I hate seeing this happen because I used to think Bethesda was such an incredible company but it really isn’t. I look at CD Projekt red and think that’s the way you treat your customers/fans. They don’t continuously milk us unlike Bethesda.

If Bethesda continues the way it is then I’m out, even if they make the next Elder Scrolls game and it’s the most perfect game that was ever made I still wouldn’t buy it because of the way they have treated their customers.

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