Anyone else feel like fallout 76 is mostly just side missions?

fallout 2 - Anyone else feel like fallout 76 is mostly just side missions?

When I played the beta (granted I dident get to play more than an hr if that) it just seemed like all side missions with no real point to it. I love fallout games and I was somewhat disappointed with 4, while it’s fun play was amazing the story seemed like there was less effort put into it compared to 3. Tbh I probably won’t buy it if it is mostly just side missions but I’m Just wondering what other people feel like who got to play it more than I did EDIT:since a lot of you seem to be pissy for asking a question let me clarify since it doesn’t seem to be clear 1 I don’t not get to play a lot of this game and I was just off what little time I had already played but wanted other opinions since I have a narrow view of it 2 I know the story isn’t gonna be near what 3 was but I thought it would have been more than just simple side missions and again wanted to know what everyone else found along the story line to see if I just dident get far enough into it 3 get off your fu*king high horse, I asked a question on a game that I haven’t been able to follow closely just to get a better understanding of it



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