Anyone else feel there should be a panel of some sort —-> Stickies on this site?

fallout 4 - Anyone else feel there should be a panel of some sort ----> Stickies on this site?

Today read another post (playing year and a half) and someone posted a google doc of farming locations that blew me away very well constructed-and informative 1st time ever saw it.

Was thinking-how many redundant posts daily asking same questions. I personally 'USE'-search before asking Questions & bookmark & place in folder labeled F-76. Some peeps aren't that savvy.

Then was looking at posts yesterday (4 or 5 to be exact) you could tell they were new because said things like I don't know what to do, even one person said ran out of all ammo and caps and now didn't know what to do. They basically purchased ammo from vendors low-level and ran out.

I try to be "understanding" as even though "me-you" play the game easily & understand the concept-some people might not think this is an easy game to play. If you can imagine a person that lacks skills or understanding of this and starting out kind of solo it can be quite complex to them.

With "Wastelanders" coming- "Understanding" that some peeps aren't computer-gaming savvy, I have a feeling there are going to be a ton more posts on the same things over and over.

Imagine a stickies feature attached to left/right side of this reddit- Or even one post that "people that actually care" add to it and then remember and copy a link and forward to new players ! Everyone contributes-that has things like:

(BTW most guides are already created through out reddit posts & easily attached to something like this-with Authors permission)

  • New to the game- Tips,
  • Fallout 1st- What it is, why people get it- why people don't
  • Atom Shop & you- What it is, how you get atoms, challenges etc.
  • QOL- Mods- Where to get them, how-why use them & yes you can use- no Beth won't ban you.
  • DEATH and your loot bag-why it is not stealing.
  • WORKSHOPS…-Basic understanding of open world- Workshops- Behavior & PVP
  • BUDGETS- STASH- Camp building budgets and others-
  • TRADE safely-how to links to safe sites to trade- market place etc.
  • GRIEFING- What it is and why you shouldn't do this.
  • NEGATIVITY- Yes, all over the internet 'This game sucks'- but you made it this far to reddit so try out the game for yourself and don't believe what you read from negative sites.
  • LEVELING-What to expect from 0-10, 10-20, 30-40 etc
  • PERKS- What they are- basic understanding how it works
  • FARMING- Farming locations for plans,items-junk-etc
  • Vendors- Vendors & traveling vendors
  • SCRIP- What it is
  • Armors-Weapons guide
  • Abbreviations- what they mean- (peeps on here use a lot of abbreviations & some might not know w t f they mean)
  • LINKS- to important sites- (youtube) for SBQ fight, Encryptid- nukes-silo- etc.
  • Cheat sheet of dynamics of certain events- fights- (I mean there isn't that many) only a few
  • Last but not least: Returning players- REDUNDANTLY asking 'Has the game changed, is it worth playing again,

(there is probably more that can be added not mentioning).

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