Anyone impressed with the Fallout 1st Emotes?

fallout 4 - Anyone impressed with the Fallout 1st Emotes?

I know the Fallout 1st Subscription to say it in nice terms is "an investment" for the Fallout community.

The features are quiet buggy and unpolished. I don't need to go into detail on what the entire subscription has to offer because there are plenty of YouTube videos by Youtuber's like AngryJoe or YongYee that already do some very flavorful commentaries about it.

Now here's my take on a couple things. I think its entirely possible for BGS to make a turn around even though this whole thing is on fire right now in regards to the Atomic Shop.

I'm actually impressed by the quality of the two emotes ive seen players using that comes with the Fallout 1st subscription. The robot dance and the Mothman dance. Both emotes have surprisingly the same quality as Fortnite dance emotes! The dances look like they took some time to animate and they are very FALLOUT-ESK. The music is also very nice. I was impressed (there's still emote bugs of course where music plays none stop or animations keep playing but that's for another topic).

Now the price of Emotes on lets say Fortnite range from 200-800 V-Bucks. Similar to the Atom Shop prices of emotes but the emotes we have right now in the Atom Shop lack that high quality animation. Now all i ask of BGS is to start leveling out the prices based on the animation quality of the emotes. For example many of the emotes have no animation whatsoever and just show off a picture.. in my opinion those emote's shouldn't be more then 200 Atom Points each EVER! These 2 new emotes with the Subscription should most defiantly be sold separately in the Atom Shop for 250-750 Atom Points. In my opinion BGS would be doing themselves a favor letting ALL fallout players the ability to obtain some of these more polished emotes instead of locking players into a Subscription that does not feel like it is worth the bang for your buck. 1650 Atom Points is nice don't get me wrong but almost ALL of the prices in the Atomic Shop are insanely overpriced in my humble opinion (*insert* AngryJoe's "Its just Blue" comment here). No Single Item should ever cost more then 1000 Atom Points based on the prices to purchase Atom Points. This is 2019! You can purchase entire games for these prices, modders create entire clothing lines for games and they are usually FREE with insanely high quality.


Once BGS starts to realize the Atomic Shop is basically Mcdonalds quality food with prices of a 5 star luxury restaurant and CHANGES THE PRICES DRASTICALLY… the community will slowly turn around and reach out with open arms back to Todd instead of running away.

If BGS continues to produce high quality emotes like ive seen with this Subscription i might consider supporting this game further. HOWEVER they need major PRICING adjustments and some of the Subscription benefits in my opinion should be sold separately. Let the Subscription keep the rare Costume but let everyone get the opportunity to purchase some of these Emotes.

Thats my take on these new Emotes. They are great. I want them.. but i dont want the Subscription. I still want more End-game content. I've got Fallout 76 on hold. I'm playing Fortnite and Ark Survival to pass the time. I just need BGS to make some big plays, not big penalties.

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