Are There Better Versions of the ‘Never Leave Sanctuary’ Challenge? If Not, Can We Come Up with Some?

fallout 1 - Are There Better Versions of the 'Never Leave Sanctuary' Challenge? If Not, Can We Come Up with Some?

I've seen this challenge posted about and watched some YouTube videos of it. It seems like it might be fun but it wouldn't be entertaining for more than an afternoon of playing. I just watched most of MATN's go of it and it was entertaining as he always is, but I found myself asking what would be needed to do a full playthrough like this? Because after you grind levels and build everything then what? So I was hoping some of you that have tried it or something like it could share your thoughts.

I was thinking of a few ideas that I'll list here, they are just spitballing and likely won't all work together, just random thoughts, but I'm hoping to get the ball rolling.

-You can take ALL settlements, and do strictly settlement related quests to get them or unlock settlement stuff. So rescue Preston, up to No Mercy with BoS, Picket Fences and Lynn Woods magazines, Bunker Hill quests for Trading Post, etc. Nuka World needs the entire DLC complete so that's out I guess. Far Harbor is doable maybe. Or instead just kill settlers and no quests?

-Only rule is you can't enter interiors, everything else is fair game. I suppose you're claustrophobic, so no root cellar, vaults, buildings. This would limit acquisition of settlements so you'd have to land on whether or no killing to get workshops is allowed. This limits you from going to DC and Good neighbor and acquiring the Airport etc.

-Expanding on the last one, you could use a mod to enable fast travel from the start and just jump from settlement to settlement so you can't loot or kill on the way. This would be kill to acquire for many locations. So it'd be Never Leave Settlements instead of just Sanctuary.

-I think it might be better to veto settlement stores and go with getting the trading post. Settlement stores seem like they make it too easy once you get one. Also killing settlers for their money seems counterproductive and too easy, a rule where no stealth kills is in place could fix that. Maybe enforce an all or nothing setup where the settlement has to have 10 or more people and you have to battle them to the death if you want to go that route. Or just give them all the guns/armor and you get the security baton and no armor so you don't stand much chance in exploiting them.

I do have some questions about Never Leave Sanctuary if anyone knows the answers.


-Don't you have to leave the cell for the game to update things like crops growing, junk scavenging, water production, etc. Is that why Sanctuary works for this? Is it enough to enter the cellar to get all the numbers to update? IIRC it's based on real time passed, but can you stay in the same cell and have it still update? If so this would work in any settlement and not just Sanctuary?

-Even if you stay with the Never Leave Sanctuary challenge wouldn't just grabbing the camera from the Speakeasy and then initializing Carla in lieu of settlement stores be more challenging than building settlements stores and save scumming the root cellar for crystal? John even remarks on how they have more money than you invested to build them, and can just reassign the same settler to all the stores. Being at the mercy of having no doctor and only having visits from a real one and real traders seems much more challenging.

-Expanding on the last one, maybe limit xp grinding or eliminate it? If you get the Trading Post or even just Carla I think the majority of grinding becomes unnecessary right? Then you'd have to work harder at caging stuff and/or inviting attacks to get xp and loot. If you aren't allowed to grind then traveling to the other settlements would be perilous, maybe more so if you do grind? Imagine sneaking down to Bunker Hill with a vault suit and baton on survival at level 14 or 30?? Maybe it'd be challenging either way.

Anyway, what are your ideas? Never Leave Sanctuary is great for some YouTube fodder, but how can we make something playable more in the longterm or challenge department for those looking to actually do it, and not be done in an afternoon or be twiddling our thumbs in Sanctuary instead of engaging. Obligatory ''I typed this on mobile'' sorry for not formatting better or linking things. I'm sure most of you know what Never Leave Sanctuary is and probably have seen Many a True Nerds Lockdown Sanctuary video.

The big thing I'm looking for is foresight, in all cases of challenge ideas, are there bad loopholes to get ahead? Like for the Claustrophobic, you'd miss out on a lot indoors but could still get goodies at Jamaica Plain and Robotics Junkyard, etc. Although armor and big guns might not be much more useful than their value in this scope.

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