Are you finished with the current Season and not sure what to do now?

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Are you finished with the current Season and not sure what to do now?

If so, you’re not alone.

It’s okay to get burned out on a game. Happens to many of us, eventually. Until new content comes out, here are some options, both in and out of game:

You can do the daily/weekly Heartwrencher challenges.

Fasnacht is coming up! I think we’re getting new masks, and it’s another chance to get that Deathclaw Mask you’ve been wanting!!

You can build up an alt to try out a new playstyle or Roleplaying experience.

You can farm resources, especially the hard to get ones. (Never enough screws!)

You could do some spring cleaning in your Stash Box. I know that extra 400 pounds got used up quick for me, so maybe it’s time to tidy up a bit?

You could sell some of that excess gear for really cheap in your vendors. New players are joining all the time and would probably love some 5c Stimpaks, for example.

Too many caps cutting your fingers? Buy up some ammo or other resources from other players’ vendors.

You can farm XP to gain levels and perk coins. I’ve got about 300 perk coins to go, myself, until my main is fully kitted.

You can run nuke silos to launch Scorched Earth to fight the Queen. The whole server usually shows up and it’s a blast!

You can play a different game; there’s a lot of new ones I’m looking forward to trying out myself!

You can go outside (just wear a mask unless COVID has been vanquished in your local realm) and just enjoy the sunlight and nature. Balance is important.


You can read a good book. Inside or outside, as long as the lighting is good. Don’t strain your eyes!

You could learn a new language. Portuguese is a beautiful choice.

You could learn to tie knots.

You could learn to sculpt.

Painting is also a nice hobby.

You could call your mother. She probably misses you. I know I miss mine.

You could get some exercise. Biking, walking, swimming, whatever works best for you. Good health means longer life, and longer life means more gaming time!

It’s up to you. Welcome to the ultimate ‘open world sandbox game’. Do what makes you happy, and be well.

See you when the next DLC drops!

Edit: Here are some other great ideas shared by commenters below:

  • Work on your CAMP and/or Shelter layout. Express your creativity!

  • Pioneer Scout challenges; have your done those yet? They can be tricky, but rewarding!

  • Make ‘Welcome to the Wasteland’ gift packages for new players! Even a Level 1 set of Heavy Studded Leather can make a huge difference to a new player! I like to throw in a Hunting Rifle with 500 rounds, a Sacrifical Blade Machete, and 20 Stimpaks and 20 RadAway. Gives them a nice edge to get the early quests done!

  • Design your new ‘alt build’ for when the punch-card machines go live!

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