Arktos Farma “Project Paradise” Walkthrough w/ instructions to shut down ARIC-4

fallout 3 - Arktos Farma "Project Paradise" Walkthrough w/ instructions to shut down ARIC-4

The Project Paradise event is challenging, to say the least, recommended to be completed in a group to be made easier, as it only gives you 30 minutes. Power Armor with a mix of melee and ranged weapons also recommended. The Glow Sights perk is incredibly handy with this event due to the large amount of glowing enemies.

For both options for event completion, the main idea is the same (see bottom for shutting down ARIC-4, which allows your friendly animals to heal between waves)

  1. Initialize the experiment- this means going over to the terminal in the main section when you get off the elevator and simply starting up the experiment
  2. Fill the Feeding Troughs(6:00)- As soon as the experiment is initialized, RUN! Get to the nearest biome and start harvesting food to put into the troughs which should be located in the middle of each biome. I would recommend that if you are in a group to have people already ready and waiting in one, or each of the biomes to start harvesting. The more food you put into the troughs, the higher the level of “friendly animal” you will have to protect later, and there are only about 6 minutes to harvest (not a lot of time).
    1. Biome A: Venison- “A” has probably the highest level enemies that spawn, and each radstag drops 1-2 pieces of meat, but is the easiest to harvest from and get a high tier creature from. Also good to note is that butchers bounty does not help with this process- nice try though
    2. Biome B: Sludge- “B” has a couple of different ways to harvest sludge, the first is from the molerats that relentlessly nip at your heels( but this isn’t 100% if the time), the second is from the fiery piles of goo sitting on the ground
    3. Biome C: Radkelp- “C” probably has the hardest harvesting material out of all the biomes, since the radkelp is on the ground and also hard to see, especially when getting smacked around by enemies the whole tie
  3. Final Call for Materials- there will be 30 seconds to put the last of your collected materials in the feeding troughs after the first 6 minutes, it is crucial that those things be turned in before the time runs out
  4. Meet the Friendly animal- there will be about 10-15 seconds to find and greet your newfound friendly animal, they will have a silly pet name which will bring you joy and cause you to get too attached to Fido
    1. Biome A:
      1. Tier 0 Creature (0-19)- bloatfly
      2. Tier 1 Creature (20-39)- glowing wolf
      3. Tier 2 Creature (40-59)- glowing yao guai
      4. Tier 3 Creature (60+)- glowing deathclaw
    2. Biome B:
      1. Tier 0 Creature (0-19)- blood bug
      2. Tier 1 Creature (20-39)- ghoul
      3. Tier 2 Creature (40-59)- glowing snollygoster
      4. Tier 3 Creature (60+)- glowing megasloth
    3. Biome C:
      1. Tier 0 Creature (0-19)- stingwing
      2. Tier 1 Creature (20-39)- glowing mirelurk
      3. Tier 2 Creature (40-59)- glowing mirelurk hunter
      4. Tier 3 Creature (60+)- mirelurk queen/mirelurk king (unconfirmed since room C is incredibly hard)
  5. Defend your animals from predators- there will be 3 waves of defending your friendly animals from predators, the last wave will end with you (hopefully) defeating the level 100, Alpha 3 star legendary creature (Sheepsquatch, Grafton Monster, or Fog Crawler depending on which room it spawned in). It would be recommended to not try to melee this creature, but if you are a strength/melee build you should be ok in power armor. Killing the Alpha will automatically complete the event, whereas running out of time or having all your new animal friends get killed will result in failure. Only one friendly animal has to survive to complete the event (sorry Fido).
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The drops from this event are usually very good, there are a decent amount of legendaries that spawn, as well as decent junk and plenty of food. Some of the more notable loot include; Arktos Pharma Lab Coat, Arktos Pharma Backpack Skin, Formula P Recipe(new drug), Stimpack Defuser Plan, Bear Arm Plan (new weapon).


*Shutting Down ARIC-4: Alternate Course- Before you even initialize the event, go down to where you would normally use the terminal to start the event, and take the left corridor. On the right side of the corridor should be a door with a keypad. Enter into the keypad 970930, once the door opens head straight through and hop over the side to get to the main landing area, straight and to the right should be a little room with the engineer terminal. Now that you’ve located the terminal and know the code, locate Quentin (friendly Mr. Handy Robot) which should be in a random location. If you are in a group it would be very handy for one person to be at the initializing station, one at the engineer terminal, one finding Quentin, and whoever else you brought along ready and waiting to start harvesting. Once Quentin is found, you will need to initialize the experiment to get him to give you a command to shut down ARIC-4, this is when you will access the engineer terminal and select “shut down”, directly after this, you will need to access the initialization terminal and select “shut down” once again. This will cause Quentin to “take over” the experiment. It is CRUCIAL that this process be completed within the first part of the experiment, otherwise, you will be unable to shut down ARIC-4. What this whole alternate course does for you that is better than the original is that the friendly animals will now fight instead of standing still and letting predators attack them, and also Quentin will now heal the friendly animals in between waves! The only downside is that when the Alpha comes if the friendly animal has nothing to fight, it will attempt to fight the Alpha.

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I have not tested to see if the Green Thumb Perk lets you pick more Radkelp, let me know what worked for you guys for Biome C!

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