Arthur maxson and a new theory

fallout 5 - Arthur maxson and a new theory

In fallout 3 and 4 , I understood the directions of Elder Lyons and the outcast and how in 4 Arthur Maxson brokered peace between their isolated brothers and sisters and brought them back into the fold. But here is where I think people interpret and make half-assed assumptions on the B.o.S back west and Arthur's B.o.S, they are not nazis. They don't act like Nazis, the word in general is offensive to subjugate a group of post apocalyptic militaristic quasi-religious group. Lyons B.o.S helped people at the cost of men and women. Though Lyon was full of compassion for the wastelanders and their perils, He let compassion cloud his judgement. Arthur as a kid didn't have many friends and He would often sneak and talk to liberty prime and he would consider that giant empty robot his friend. Only to then be kicked out by Rothchild. Leading him to stop thinking robots or machines of any kind as friends.

He wants to help people, He's been taught by Elder Lyons and I doubt he was with Sarah, when she fell in battle. But

I know nobody has even put this theory out their but what if Sarah and some of the lyons pride where fighting raiders and one of them knicked her in the heart or the neck or anywhere point is she died and once the dust settled and her squad were victorious they got a good look at the raider that knicked her and turned out he had a synth component next to his organs. What happens if they come back to citadel and Arthur is anxious to see sarah only to see the Knights baffled and angry over her death and He overhears the conversation about the fight and how they found out that a man that looked and moved and bled like a man wasn't a man but a machine. You know how that would of left Arthur knowing that a machine was indistinguishable from a human killed his crush, his elder. I love how they mentioned rivet city in one of the terminals of fallout 4 inside the prydwen.


To me the lone wanderer that is if he stayed with the brotherhood of steel told, the appointed elder about the synths and the secret organization called the railroad that he encountered in rivet city. I think once Maxson became elder he began to gather information about synths and got a hold of a location called the commonwealth. He dispatched recon squad artemis and then Danses group. Once the report of Danses in encounter with the synths in arcjet systems was delivered to Maxson back in D.C, He knew it was time to Avenge Sarah and put a stop to the abominations created by the institute. This to me makes a lot of sense. Also that he fought a deathclaw, fought super mutants and began to see the true horrors of the wastelands not only that he probably saw how much human kind suffered and their day to day perils.

I wish Bethesda didn't leave such a big gap in information I also wish they would of showed some of the lyons pride members on board the prydwen but oh well.

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