As a casual fallout player what I like about Fallout New Vegas over fallout 4

fallout 2 - As a casual fallout player what I like about Fallout New Vegas over fallout 4

I'm dusting off my old New Vegas. I played it for a few dozen hours initially, and back then I decided I didn't really care for how minimalist the graphics were to my other favorite Bethesda game, Skyrim. So I set it down in hopes that a more recent addition to Fallout would rectify this.

There are a lot of things I like about Fallout 4, it's a good game. It's just not a good fallout game.

I like how many weapons there are to pick from in the game. I mean I guess hypothetically Fallout 4 has a variation of that with legendaries, but 9x out of 10 if I get a legendary it's a worthless piece of crap that I'll never use, like Ghoul slayer gamma guns, I've gotten a lot of those, or crippling Fat Man. I've played the game 866 hours, only once came across an explosive minigun and an explosive shotgun.

Take shotgun's for instance. You go from the weak double barreled shotgun, that often gets you killed because you're reloading so often, straight to combat shotgun. One of my first mods in a Fallout 4 game, is to add the Remington 870, it's the equivalent of the Hunting Shotgun in New Vegas, it provides a mid tier that fills a crucial role for early-mid to late game, that the transition between the Double barrel, and the combat shotgun doesn't provide.

I feel like New Vegas, the enemies or something, were just a lot harder. Like the game was fundamentally harder. You really had to perk up a bit and plan prior to clearing out a dungeon like Hopeville Silo. Like it posed a challenge.


I just don't get that in Fallout 4, find Spray n' Pray, invest some perk points into it, and you got a weapon that will last the entire game. I can take down any variation of Mutant Behemoth's with it. Whereas the Fallout New Vegas counterpart, I believe was Sleepy Tyme. It was vastly better than the 10mm SMG it replaced, but it wasn't so OP that once you had it, the game was over and there would never be a challenging enemy to fight after that.

I think that's a problem with a game when you have to self-inflict your own nerfs to account for OP weaponry in a game.

Also I miss the hand loader perk. Say I'm having a real bi*ch of a time with a dungeon. Well I'm using shitty ammunition for the enemies I'm facing, I can go hand load the right kinds of rounds I need for that dungeon. That was something I actively want to craft in a New Vegas playthrough, unlike say an elaborate settlement, of 30 different places for settlements on the game map.

So I just wanted to put in my $.02 for why I find myself longing for features in New Vegas, over that of Fallout 4. I like both games a lot, but New Vegas, despite it's rudimentary graphics, Fallout 4 isn't really a huge upgrade in graphics over New Vegas anyways, but there's just things in the game that New Vegas has, that Fallout 4 doesn't that leaves me coming back to New Vegas because the Fallout experience I get from Fallout 4 just isn't nearly as fulfilling for me.


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