As a Fallout fan, we should put our differences aside.

fallout 6 - As a Fallout fan, we should put our differences aside.

Whether or not you love/hate/dislike/like Fallout 76. This post isn't about that.

However, personally, I think the game is flawed, but if you enjoy it, then I'm happy for you, and you should continue to do so.

Fallout 76, of course. Has generated a lot of controversy, ranging from radical opinions from 'sides' that have emerged in the event of the game's launch. I have stated a rather 'negative' opinion in one of my recent posts. However, I am starting to realize that this shouldn't be about 'sides', or hatred, or opposing viewpoints between radicals and non-radicals.

As fans, of a series. We should come together, and learn to realize the pros/cons, and the things that can be fixed, and tell Bethesda what's wrong. I know, there is a considerable amount of hate for the game, and arguments ranging from all sorts of topics, in all sorts of levels of intensity. From rants, to thematic discussions.


We should take a moment, to stop all of this. I know, this is the internet, so I'm not entirely sure what to expect. But we shouldn't let this game divide the fanbase, the fiasco of Fallout 76 aside.

That doesn't mean we have to love each other, or support each other's opinions. But form some sort of baseline respect. I know there are people out there, who call anyone who brings the game into a negative light a hater, and that this hatred is all a 'bandwagon', and then there's the opposite, people who support the game are called 'fanboys', and while that may be the case for those with radical views, it doesn't mean everyone who finds a issue with the game is a hater, and that everyone who supports the game is a fanboy.

We should learn to get past this, as a community. The future is uncertain, with the current state of Fallout 76, but we, as a fanbase, should learn to do better then let this divide us.

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