As a new player, I was totally blown away by this

fallout 76 discussion and inform - As a new player, I was totally blown away by this

I lurk this sub fairly often, and the negative posts about griefing, rude players, and the like had me a bit reprehensive about playing.

However, this experience is what made me create an account and post.

Well, a few nights ago, I bit the bullet and left the vault. And can I just say that I was blown away within the first five minutes of playing. I made it to the overseers camp, where there was a level 90 player hanging around at the armor/weapon crafting benches.

Suddenly, they start running back and forth towards me, and then start shooting at the ground. I was about to log off because I assumed, from prior posts, that they were about to grief me (level two) until I got a message "Check the bag I'm shooting at"

Inside was a full set of armor, a hunting rifle, stimpaks, water, and ammo. They then asked if I had a mic (I don't :/) so they suggested to download the Xbox app to be able to communicate better.

They sent me a team invite, and basically said "we're gonna level you up so you can get better gear, follow me.. get a shot on whatever enemy you can and then hide"

Confused, I obliged. I think we ended up in Watoga. Suddenly swarmed by protrections everywhere (for some reason the wouldn't attack the player I was with, but would attack me) so, they would draw them out, and once I got a shot in, would take them out unbelievably quickly. But I was getting so much XP, and before I knew it I was level 5, then level 10. Each "milestone" new gear waa crafted for me. They even had some legendary gear for me! (Won't be able to use until level 25, but still!)


I do see posts about these players, but was under the impression that they were basically unicorns. But encountering one, I either found a unicorn or maybe Appalachia ain't so bad.

Now, whenever I'm on, they check in with me, see if I need anything or if I just want to team up with them. After asking if I'd rather walk to each part of a quest or FT, I said I'd rather FT, but don't have the places discovered nor the caps to do so. So this player been FT to every place I need to be, so I don't have to walk, don't have to spend caps, and can discover new places on the map in a pinch.

So morningwood0917, whomever you are, thank you for showing me the absolute beauty of this game, dispelling all of my fears, and helping out this old gamer just trying to continue the fallout franchise. You have no idea how much fun it was to travel the map, shoot things that would instakill me without your help, then levelling to the point of being able to take on (some) enemies of my own.

So, thank you for showing me that there truly are players that go out of their way to assist newbs like myself, and for making certain I enjoyed myself. Also, for making me realize that if a player keeps running back and forth from me to a certain spot, I should look for a paper bag.

And yes, I was certain that with a GT like that, I was about to be harassed by a 15-year-old teenager.

Tl;Dr: Level 90 player helps out lowly level two, and changed my perspective on the community aspect of the game.

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