As a new player, it’s disheartening to see so many of you leaving… but I understand

fallout 2 - As a new player, it’s disheartening to see so many of you leaving... but I understand

It’s hard to see what’s happening in a community I only just became apart of and have been enjoying so much – and in a way, I don’t feel I’m the one to speak for that reason – but it seems silly to just let it slide without throwing in my 2 cents for the reps from Beth (naive of me I know) – but more importantly, I just want to say to those of you who really are leaving now… I offer you guys a sincere thanks.

Thanks to all of you that made this game what it is, stuck with it over 2 years, honestly, thank you.

I’ve only spent about 70 hours in this game, but they’ve been truly awesome.

What I really what to capture is that I didn’t expect this at all.

I thought I would mess around for a few hours in what I had heard years ago, was a shallow fallout experience. I just fancied risking it as the game was really really cheap. I didn’t know how much the game had changed for the better and now it seems it’s taken a turn the other way.

If you all leave, part of what I’ve been loving in this game will disappear…

Player interaction and help, and of course the gifts that genuinely feel like little life savers, all those people that helped me in quests and with events I was way out of my depth in, those who gave me ammo and Radaway that I really needed in order to play the quests I wanted (weird gameplay design to not give me ammo and meds I need to play the game with imo).

I mean someone even gave me power armour…

Over the days I just kept getting pulled deeper and deeper into the game.

I’ve been so pleased by my experience so far with 76 – and it seems to me that I have the community who stuck with this game, to thank.

You all played through it in the days I don’t even have experience to talk on, and really without you who knows if Beth would have continued to develop this game at all – adding wastelanders which to a newbie was fantastic.


I’m standing on a hill made from the time you all invested, and the view is pretty great, but now I’m already noticing that it seems I’m going to be one of the only ones on the hill. Dramatic maybe; we will see.

It seems this community have been incredibly encouraging of new players for a long time when I read through here, and that has been my experience also.

I see the difference in the servers in the last week, I’m seeing events with no one participating in them and it sucks because from reading this subreddit over the last month or two, I was feeling lucky to have got the game when I did. But I didn’t I know was coming… I didn’t know I might have been experiencing the final few of the hay days (or sometimes I’m not sure 76 had even had it’s hay days yet).

For me and my plan with this game, after seeing how dire the end game looks from those there; I’ll just play until the last quest and turn it off. I’ll avoid getting to the stage you have all got to, and I will do that not because I’m not interested in playing long term, but because I can see it’s not worth my time.

I can understand why many of you are quitting and it’s fair enough. So to those of you that might not come here again, from a grateful little newb, thanks for the help and encouragement.

I’ll take this game for the cheap buy it was, and drop it promptly without spending anything else on it. Which is a missed opportunity by Beth, because I was loving the game because of its community, certainly not independent from it.

Anyway, long story made TLDR –

Thanks to all the cool players who will leave. I don’t blame ya, and I will be off as soon as I finish the story myself.

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