As a new player to the game, I wanted to point out some things I love about the game.

fallout 4 - As a new player to the game, I wanted to point out some things I love about the game.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of criticism about the game, whether it be the servers, scrip/stash/caps limit, weapon degradation, scrap box fallout 1st exclusivity, etc. And while I think its great to hold Beth. accountable and give them feedback on their product, I also want to recognize some things that they've nailed.

First, I think the state of the progression system is awesome. The amount of cool ass builds you can make is truly awesome. Shotgunners, heavy guns, commando, rifleman, then multiply each of these by 3 as you can go junkies, bloodied, or regular (not even to mention melee). This gives a lot of options and helped me convince my friends to pick up the game with me.

Second, daily ops and events are super fun. They could add a little variety with the daily ops, but its awesome grouping up with people you don't know and maybe making some friends. It's great how beth. incentivizes playing as a group, whether it be with XP bonuses or just to make fights a lot more manageable. Some of my favorite times on the game have been Earl and Queen fights.

Third, for every issue they haven't gotten to yet, it at least seems they've attempted to address others. When I tried playing the game at launch, there were many inexcusable bugs and issues. After 2 years, my biggest gripes with the game have been fixed. Now, they may have been replaced with some new gripes, but the fact that they've been at least attempting to right these issues makes me a lot happier.


Fourth, the free content released for the game is awesome. I know they probably have no choice because of how poorly received the game was so they HAD to make DLC free from a PR standpoint, its still awesome knowing that we're getting major expansions that we don't have to pay more than the price of admission for. Even things like the scoreboard being no additional cost and actually having worthwhile rewards to grind for is awesome.

Lastly, while this praise doesn't fall on bethesda, I just wanted to address how amazing this community is. I know this point is beating a dead horse as we all seem to be in a constant state of fallout 76 community circle****, I figured I'd throw my hand in too. The amount of people helping me and countless others out with nothing to gain for themselves is amazing and something I've never seen in gaming before. It also is a cycle that keeps giving, as now I'm also doing the same for others now that I'm geared up.

Just wanted to spread a little positivity and remind people of some of the reasons why you have stuck with the game!

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