As an experiment, I locked the door to my CAMP last night. People FREAKED OUT!

fallout 7 - As an experiment, I locked the door to my CAMP last night. People FREAKED OUT!

Hi all!

I have a dedicated merchant build right at Whitespring train station that has an entire compound dedicated to having fun and relaxing inbetween ghoul farming sessions.

i have a full bar with all brewing instruments, music area with enough instruments for 4 people at a time, smoking area for potheads, a full crafting/repair center with all stations, 4 unlocked water purifiers, enough crops for everyone to be able to craft food and drinks, a little rest area with beds for 4 players to rest, and a water pump to make boiled water. I even have an open decon shower arch with a switch outside in case people get over irradiated by the ghouls.

All of this is right outside, accessible to everyone who walks by.

As this character is a dedicated merchant, i have quality 1, 2, and 3 star weapons 95% nothing over 999 caps, and i have over 60 weapons so that really brings in people who are looking for deals.

As you can imagine, it gets very busy in the evenings!!! i love it, its like a hang out for tons of players every day. Last night a nuke was detonated at whitesprings so everyone came, I counted 12 people in my camp at one time.

At one point I went up into my quaint little house to take a nap on my bed. As usual, people non stop ran up into my house as they were curious what was inside, as you can see the disco ball lights and my colored lights from outside flashing.

As i was trying to "sleep" people kept jumping up and down on my bed and running around. Not hurting anything, in fact i find it kind of funny. Again, I like my place being an open, congregational hub.

But for some reason last night, my poor character just wanted to sleep in peace.

So, i did something Ive never done before, i locked the door to my house.


remember, all stuff i listed above is outside, there is nothing in my house people can even use other than my own bed.

As soon as I had locked it, shit hit the fan.


I had so many frowny faces and thumbs down emotes, people lined up outside my door , even attacking my door!!! ( i could see them through my window) leaving bags of fertilizer outside the door etc etc

people kept jumping up trying to get on top of my house to get in, trying to jump in through windows.

One guy tried to use his power armor to get through but i could see he got stuck in the door itself (kinda funny)

one guy got on mic and said he was gonna "kick my ass" if i didnt open my door. ( i used much more appropriate language than he did)

One player even went so far to put a orbital strike on my house after yelling at me on area mic to open my door up, but luckily it seemed to just miss my house and blew up the cars in the whitespring train station parking lot. i giggled at that.

Again, players had everything they could possibly need from a CAMP readily accessible to them.

The usually friendly player base that shows up at my house seemed to morph into an unruly mob, all because of a locked door.

I of course eventually unlocked my door and things went back to normal.

All in all, I found a very interesting occurrence.

A locked door can change everything!

TL;DR: Locking your door can alter reality around you!

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