At this point Youtubers are Harming FO76 and its PLAYERS.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - At this point Youtubers are Harming FO76 and its PLAYERS.

We all know FO76 has its flaws but those of us that stuck around also know that the developers behind the project are trying hard to fix their mistakes and make the game m ore enjoyable. Unfortunately those Youtubers who profit off of news related to games need content. I am sure most of us can agree that Juicehead used to care about the game but when the popular opinion of FO76 being a trash game came about, he hopped on the hate train and starting click-baiting the shit out it. A few people like myself felt like they were click baiting even before the hate came out. I can handle people talking bad about a game because they don't like it, we all have our opinions and gamestyle preference, but people trash talking a game because its in the norm and believing everything a youtuber says without thinking twice is too much for me.

I am a victim, so to speak, of the click baiting non-fact-checking "News" that 95% of the Youtube base of FO76 is.

I remember the experiment someone did about making up "Fallout 76 may become free to play" and seeing how public it would get. A couple of days ago I was playing OW and I did LFG and in my group this person looked at the games I played and started trash talking me because I had fallout 76.We went back and forth until they said

"You wasted your money because Bethesda is making it free to play".


Thankfully I read that post and the comment of the guy admitting to it being an experiment. I pointed out The fact of that "rumor" and they just told me to "stop trying to defend a game because you wasted money on it"

It is wrong to look at my profile yes but it is not the only time I've been attacked. Whenever I say "I play FO76 and I like it" and starting trying to hold a neutral ground with FO76 (because it is flawed but fun) I get personally attacked. People calling me a waste of money, Bethesda Fanboy, a rich white kid with money to spare (I live alone, have a job and am 19 scarping by with minimum wage) and whenever I point out facts or defend myself its usually along the lines of calling me dumbass for wasting money or some other insult.

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So to all the youtubers who have read this, and I know you are reading stuff from this subreddit because you really want that sweet sweet click-bait juice. Please. Shut the fu*k up and let us enjoy our game.

With Love,

Someone who actually gives a damn about this game and its player base.


P.S. Sorry if incomprehensive, I was struggling to keep it neutral while remaining true to how I felt.

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