Atom prices worse than F2P games.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Atom prices worse than F2P games.

People defending this don't understand the impact it has on the game.

Sure people don't have to buy the cosmetics, but if there is enough of a lack of customers the game will bleed money for Bethesda. resulting in the game being shut down rather than continue operation. Also less likely we will see content updates regularly

The implications for mistakes like this are huge. I can't think of another F2P game that charges 12 dollars worth of shop currency for a Christmas tree. Especially in a period where the game is riddled with controversy.

Heck most games will give a Christmas tree away. Even BDO has given its players a free tree for Christmas. The ones they sell in the shops are no more than a few dollars. Not 12.

A tree should be 5-6 dollars in atoms max. When you can get a bed for 600 atoms.


Let's say you spend all your free atoms on the Christmas bundles. You still would need to buy around 20-30 dollars of atoms to get it all. Which compared to other games bundles is entirely lackluster. Then you factor in the fact most spent 60-80 for the game itself.

They try to play it cute claiming you get 5 trees. When in reality you get one model with an easily color modified textures that takes seconds in photoshop for anyone competent.

Bundles make for frustrated customers. Instead of being able to buy what they want. They're forced to buy many things they don't want to get what they want at no real discount.

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