[ATOM SHOP FEEDBACK]The key to success in the atom shop isnt limited to utility items, it’s customization and a happy playerbase.

fallout 8 - [ATOM SHOP FEEDBACK]The key to success in the atom shop isnt limited to utility items, it's customization and a happy playerbase.

Hello Reddit, Hello Bethesda

We are reaching the 1 year mark of the games launch, and boy has it been a ride. With Yesterdays ITV out, the atom shop is a hot topic to debate at the moment.

Since the introduction of the utility items, the most common debate regarding the atom shop has been the p2w issue. This post isnt about it, rather the atom shops cosmetics as a whole.

What is the atom shop? It was intended to be the live service to keep the game running, which is a good idea, but judging from yesterdays ITV, the cosmetics bit fell short. There is countless reasons as to why, but from what i've observed since the games launch, there is one topic i wanted to bring up to the floor in the current times.

Cosmetic items:

Cosmetic items is key to a flourishing macro/microtransaction shop in most cases, in this game, the utility section seems to have flourished more, but why?

The issue is the limitations on the cosmetic items that has been released sofar, Every single underarmor and armor skin is tied to specific armors, which limits their appeal. It also doesnt help that the majority of underarmor skins has been tied to the casual underarmor family, which plans have been bugged since launch and been unobtainable for most players. While utility items wont vanish, please make every skin universal to it's armor type like the Power armor skins for example.

Example of the current system: Combat armor skins are tied to Combat armors Metal armor skins are tied to Metal armors. Underarmor skins are tied to Underarmor families Power armor skins are tied to Power armors. (Some specific skins, but overall, the universal power armor skins are a great design!) Weapon skins are sometimes tied to their own craftable version of the game, making them unable to roll as legendary items.

Suggested change: Make all underarmor skins available for all underarmors. Make all armor skins available for all armor types. Make all weapon skins into actual skins, and not unique weapons you craft.


While it requires change and effort on Bethesdas side, this would allow the playerbase to enjoy some aspects of customization that the game currently lacks, if you want to use a particular skin, you have to find an armor type to go with it, i personally spent over 800+ hours farming for specific armor types and rolls to no avail, i sought for them via trading through multiple discords for about months in total to no avail. All because i wanted to apply my combat armor camo skin.

What incentive does that give players to actually buy the skinswhen its gated behind the games RNG based loot system?

If you want to focus more on utility items because it gives you more revenue, that is your right as a buissness, But if you want more revenue overall, Make a change to the atom shop and the way skins are applied.

Imagine if you found a really nice legendary robot chest piece, but you want to use the pink metal armor skins you just bought?

You are out of luck on that part, What if you could apply the Pink Metal skin ontop of your robot armor? the stats remain the same, so the incentive to keep looking for a metal piece is still there, but you still get to enjoy the skins you put your money/atom into. It also boosts incentive to buy the skins in the first place

*As a sidenote QoL feature, allow us to change the looks of our armor when we unlock plans for them, For example:

Combat armor has Heavy, Light and Sturdy variants, they all vary in looks and appeal, some people prefer the slim light look, some people prefer the bulky heavy look.

The issue there being that looks is tied to a certain armor type and variant, which makes for a very hard time to obtain on your own if you play solo or in a group.

Allowing for people to customize their look based on the plans they have obtained and unlocked would not only bring joy to the playerbase, but also boost incentive to buy armor skins due to the customization aspect and making your wastelander look the way you want it to.*

As the great Doctor Phil said, Help me help you. That's my 5 cents. Thank you for your time!

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