Atom system is well-balanced, however real-life price of atoms is not.

fallout 5 - Atom system is well-balanced, however real-life price of atoms is not.

With the new paints and bundles available, I was finally compelled to open the Microsoft store to see the street price of Atoms for the first time, with the intention of shelling maybe $20usd, 1/2 the full price of the game, expecting to net anything I was interested in and have some atoms left over. I was shocked to find that even the $40 bundle’s bonus atoms still barely falls below $1 for 100 atoms. For purchasing a la carte, just trying to get the new power armor paint bundles (survival camo, dark camo, and excavator) would cost over $30 without atoms earned in-game – half the full price of the game at launch. Baseball caps and sunglasses would be $5ea. The welcome home sign alone = $7.

While atoms are easy and rewarding to grind out in-game, with the exception of these absurd alcohol dailies lately; the street price of atoms is easily double what it should be. $5 of real life currency can buy a real life pair of sunglasses, but we’re talking about a virtual world and virtual items that do not exist. My $5 sunglasses prevent me from crashing my car when driving west during sunset in real life. Virtual sunglasses just make me look 1% cooler.

$20 in in-game currency should be more than enough to paint your armor, grab the outfit of your choice, and trick out your camp with a few meaningful pieces at the bare minimum, and don’t get me started on emotes and player icons that should cost next-to-nothing, especially when they’re emotes that should be in-game in the first place (camp, food, water emotes).

The limited window for these paints is also disappointing. This applies pressure to the customer to spend today, and takes away from the spirit of completing challenges to get the cash equivalent. If an item is in the store for 3 days, the price should be feasible through dailies and weeklies within that time frame.


I was fully prepared to spend $10-$20 for these paints expecting to have atoms left over if spending the top end of that, but I just can’t bring myself to shell out $30 twice in a few months when I could’ve bought a new game at full price instead. Most gamers are going to want to buy a new game every quarter, so make micro-currency make sense for those of us who wouldn’t mind dropping 20% of the price of the game here or there for something meaningful (ideally, several meaningful things).

For further comparison, for the best price per atom of $40 for 5000, I could preorder the Nintendo switch version of Wolfenstein: Youngblood that comes with a buddy pass so my girlfriend and I can play co-op on our separate systems with one copy, or if I still had two Xbox’s, a brand new copy of fallout 76 so we could play together. I would take either of those deals 1000 times before barely coming out with the new paints for the same price.

Edit – for the 50 people who plan to reply with a snarky “don’t buy them then”: you can draw conclusions from the post that will help you arrive at the fact that I indeed chose not to buy them, and this post is explaining why I chose not to buy them so the developers have an opportunity to see why they lost a sale, which is the purpose of a developer-community feedback subreddit.

In other words, I don’t care what you think and no one thinks you’re cool or edgy for trolling a legitimate game improvement suggestion thread with your unhelpful meaningless opinions. The meaningful constructive ideas from other commenters on how to improve the system will be easier for devs to see if you keep useless comments to yourselves.

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