We’ve added a host of new items to the Atomic Shop that you can unlock using Atoms you’ve purchased or earned by completing in-game challenges. Read on to catch a preview of the latest and greatest items that are now available in the Shop, including items that you can unlock for free.


Bring a little more color to your C.A.M.P. by installing some Orange Shag Carpet, which is free this week in the Atomic Shop. Additionally, you can still claim a free Pioneer Scouts Poster for a limited time, as well as a free Personal Terminal for your C.A.M.P., which currently has no end-date.

Item – Available Until

Orange Shag Carpet – May 21

Pioneer Scouts Poster – June 9

Personal C.A.M.P. Terminal – No Planned End-Date


The final Horseman has arrived, bringing death to the Wasteland! Pick up the Pale Rider Power Armor skin this week in the Atomic Shop. You can also show your enemies that you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty by slathering a set of Excavator Power Armor in Blood Raider paint, which is available for the next two weeks.

These new items will be available in the Atomic Shop for a limited time, starting and ending at 12:00 p.m. ET (16:00 UTC) on the dates listed below.

Item – Atom Price – Available From Available Until

Pale Rider Power Armor Skin – 1,400 – May 14 May 21

Blood Raider Excavator Power Armor Paint – 1,000 – May 14 May 28


We’ve permanently reduced the Atom prices on a number of items in the Atomic Shop. Check out the items and their new prices below.

Item – Previous Price – New Price

Vault-Tec Combat Armor – 800 – 600

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Vault-Tec Leather Armor – 800 – 600

Slicked Metal Armor Paint – 800 – 600

Vault-Tec Weapons Workbench- 1,000 – 700

Aviator Fatman Skin – 1,000 – 700


We’ve made a number of existing items available at reduced Atom prices, but these discounts won’t last forever! Be sure to unlock any items that catch your eye before they return to their regular prices at 12:00 p.m. ET (16:00 UTC) on the dates listed below.

Item – Sale Price – Sale Starts – Sale Ends


Two Thumbs Up Photomode Pose – 250 **125 (50% Off!)** – May 14 – May 15

Mothman Neon Billboards – 500 **350 (30% Off!)** – May 15 – May 16

West Virginia Neon Billboards – 500 **350 (30% Off!)** – May 16 – May 17

Welcome Friends Lit Sign – 300 **270 (10% Off!)** – May 17 – May 18

Country Wooden Door – 300 **180 (40% Off!)** – May 18 – May 19

Garrahan Mining Trucker Hat – 150 **75 (50% Off!)** – May 19 – May 20

Red Rocket Bed – 500 **250 (50% Off!)** – May 20 – May 21


In addition to everything mentioned above, we've added a variety of new items you can peruse and pick up in the Atomic Shop. Head in-game to preview each item, and then snag anything that would make a great addition to your latest wardrobe craze, C.A.M.P. furnishings, or paint collection.

Item – Atom Price

Conspiracy Suit – 800

Shovel Backpack Skin – 500

Legendary Stash Skin – 500

Vault-Tec Armor Workbench – 700

Skull Mask – 300

Pickaxe Paint Set – 500

Mole Miner Camera Paint – 300

Rad Rage Male Hairstyle – 250

Razorhawk Female Hairstyle – 250

Spikehawk Female Hairstyle – 250

Warhawk Male Hairstyle – 250

Propped Skull Totem – 50

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Death Awaits Skull Totem – 50

Braced Skull Totem – 50

No Hope Skull Totem – 50

These items were added with a previous update, but are still available for purchase:

Item – Atom Price

Keep Out Backpack Skin – 500

Pioneer Scouts Black Powder Rifle Skin – 500

Vending Machine Paint Set – 500

Well-Traveled Pip-Boy Paint – 400

Pioneer Scouts Lever Action Rifle Skin – 300

Wood Grain Camera Skin – 300

Planetary Globe Light – 200

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